Opposition must wake up from slumber

Opposition must wake up from slumber

Source: Opposition must wake up from slumber – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 4, 2017

Zanu PF has an uncanny ability to regroup each time there is chaos within the party, but for the first time ever, the party seems bereft of ideas and all that is needed is an organised opposition to take advantage of the situation.

Comment: NewsDay Editor

There is simply no way Zanu PF can come together before the next elections and become a formidable force, as everything points to a party in disarray and the 2008 “bhora musango” campaign could look like child’s play compared to what the party could be facing in next year’s elections.

Former Vice-President Joice Mujuru’s ouster left a festering wound, while the expulsion of war veterans leaders compounded issues.

Now the demonstrations against perceived G40 leaders point to a party at war with itself, but with little time to regroup

This is not to say Zanu PF should be underestimated, but rather, the ruling party is there for the taking and the opposition needs to get its act together if it is to profit from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

But instead of seizing the opportunity, the opposition seem to be watching like spectators rather than key actors.

It now looks like the strongest opposition to Zanu PF rule is factionalism, because other parties seem content to wait for Zanu PF to crash and burn before they wake up from their slumber.

The opposition seem to be complacent and hoping to benefit from Zanu PF’s problems and a groundswell of anger against the ruling party to usher them into government without them as much as lifting a finger.

But it does not work that way.

There is need for the parties to be clear on the coalition and who will lead it now, instead of keeping voters guessing and the media speculating.

That Zanu PF is still considered a force to reckon with even with their calamitous handling of the economy is an indictment of the opposition, because it shows they are staring a gift horse in the mouth.

The time for action is now and the opposition should start organising and strengthening their structures, because waiting for next year may be leaving things a little too late.

What Zimbabwe needs now is a strong opposition, whether in a coalition or going it alone, but so far such strength is missing.

It is time that opposition leaders left their cushy seats and hit the ground running. Other than that, they may as well prepare for another battering at the polls that will leave them shell-shocked and clutching around for excuses for yet another poor showing at the polls.