Patson: source of Itai images none of ZRP biz

Source: Patson: source of Itai images none of ZRP biz – NewZimbabwe 03/06/2016

PATSON DZAMARA who was Tuesday summoned by the police after he released what he claimed were pictures of his missing brother, Itai, in detention, says it is none of the police’s business to know the source of the images he presented to journalists.

On Monday, Patson called a press conference in Harare and presented what he said were pictures of his brother in detention. He said he had obtained the images from sources linked to the state, adding that he was convinced that his brother was kidnapped by members of the military intelligence.

Patson told journalists that he suspected his brother was seriously injured during torture to the extent that his abductors covered his head and body in order to shoot images that were shown to the media.

On Tuesday, Assistant Commissioner, Chrispen Makedenge, summoned Patson to Harare Central Police station over the images of Itai in captivity.

In an interview with, Patson said the police had nothing much to offer the family as they had failed to locate Itai in the past 15 months.

“There is nothing much they really wanted from me other than asking where I got the photos from and I made it clear to them that it is their job to investigate as they have failed to come up with a single clue on what transpired and who abducted my brother.

“This whole incident has left the family in a very precarious position,” Patson said.

He said it was wrong for police to question him over who gave him the pictures since the people who gave him did so out of their own effort and love following the state’s failure to deliver.

“How I got the information is none of their business and where I got the pictures has nothing to do with them as it is their job to look for Itai,” said Patson.

He reiterated that the available information regarding the matter must be managed well.

“This is a very sensitive matter and we have come up with a regimented and well-structured processes as to how we are going to deliver the information and also handle the matter and certainly, we will call a press conference soon to divulge the names and any other information as we promised.”

Itai was kidnapped by suspected state agents from his Glenview home area in March 2015 and has not been seen and neither has anything been heard from him since.
Despite a High Court order for the state to find the missing journalist cum activist, the state has failed to bring Itai back to his family.

The Zimbabwe National Army has since denied Patson’s claims that Itai was kidnapped by the military intelligence.


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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    This guy is not too bright. “How I got the information is none of the ZRP’s business and where I got the pictures has nothing to do with them as their job is to look for Itai”. Wouldn’t that information assist directly in looking for him ?

    If you don’t trust the ZRP, better to simply say so, than making foolish statements which look like grandstanding.

    • comment-avatar
      Jackson 6 years ago

      You lack depth. You really think the police want to look for Itai and do you think they ever did? How can you miss such a big and clear picture?

      While you think Patson is making foolish statements he is actually he actually doing the the opposite. Watch this space

  • comment-avatar
    Ndonga 6 years ago

    Joe …you should give Patson a break. Just please have pity on him in his terrible state of utter helplessness. His brother Itai was kidnapped 15 months ago by people even a child knows were Mugabe’s CIO/Army Intelligence agents.

    Then he comes into possession of photos of his brother in captivity proving to him beyond all doubt that it was Mugabe’s agents that kidnapped him.

    Then to cap it all another of Mugabe’s agents, posing as a concerned civil servant, called him to his office to question him about the photos as if he did not already know where Itai was. This while all the time no doubt playing the role of the concerned and fatherly policeman…a sort of good cop.

    Are you then surprised that Patson could do nothing but be sarcastic and then sound as if he was grandstanding.

    But no matter what the truth will come out as there are no secrets in Africa…and then justice will be done…for sure.

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    Gabriel masaire 6 years ago

    Zvinotirwadza asihatizi kuzodzora tsvimbo