People waiting for ‘the event’, Mafume

via People waiting for ‘the event’, Mafume 11 September 2014

AN opposition politician has said Zimbabweans are a docile people who have now resigned to allow “nature to take its course” to resolve their political and economic problems.

Jacob Mafume, who is the spokesman of the break-away MDC faction led by Tendai Biti, was addressing members of civil society in Harare on Wednesday.

Although he did not mention President Robert Mugabe by name, observers said it was clear the veteran 90-year-old Zimbabwean leader was the subject of his veiled attack.

Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since the country’s independence in 1980.

The Zimbabwean leader has ruthlessly crushed any attempts to challenge his power over the past 34 years. But at 90, Mugabe is now at the sunset of his political career.

The MDC-T under the tutelage of Morgan Tsvangirai had presented the biggest threat to Mugabe’s grip on power.

Tsvangirai came within a whisker of deposing Mugabe in 2008 before he was forced to withdraw from a run-off election after the president unleashed an orgy of violence.

Mafume said the reason why Mugabe remained in power is because Zimbabweans were a docile lot.

He said by failing to challenge last year’s flawed election result Zimbabweans were cowards who want to see change being brought in by biology.

“Zimbabwe is a waiting nation, even if I do not have money I will wait. Even if the company fails to give us our salaries, we will wait.

“Even if I cannot find money I have worked for to pay fees for my child, I will wait. We are waiting and waiting. Right now we are all waiting for biology to do certain things for us,” he said.

He said this was in sharp contrast to South Africans who are quick to protest when they are not happy.

“There is one thing I like about a South African activist; if sewage flows passing his home, he collects it, puts it in his bag, takes the raw sewage and throws it at the municipality’s door step.

“That is how sophisticated a South African person is. But Zimbabweans will wait,” Mafume said.

Mafume said for Zimbabwe to achieve democracy there was need for collaboration among citizens to challenge the status quo.

He said there was need to mobilise the masses through peaceful demonstrations and petitions.


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    Gwanyamwanya We Mahobo 9 years ago

    In South Africa everyone respects the constitution, hence their freedom to demonstrate, they get protection from the judiciary. In Zimbabwe the President is above the constitution, he invariably circumvents the constitution by issuing directives through Statutory Instruments, thereby ruling by decree.

    So Zimbos be safe, stay away from the streets.

    Cry Zimbabwe

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    Che'guevara 9 years ago

    I thought your boss once said those elections were not flawed but Zpf had a sellable manifesto?

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    ntaba 9 years ago

    Yes. Indeed, here is one event we are nearly all truly waiting for (apart from a few Zanu mujibas on the take) and may we ask for Godspeed this event. It will be a great day for human rights and democracy when the leader of a murderous regime slips down to Hell.

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    You are the coward. Why talk of peaceful demonstrations when you can fight.Provide leadership for a long fight for freedom. Freedom is not cheap. It means sacrifice and non of you guys including all MDCs are courageous enough to sacrifice. So just shut up. We do not need you guys. A new team will emerge that will lead us into a meaningful struggle. Not your type of cowardly “peaceful” activism.

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    peter tosh 9 years ago

    How can people do anything when you are causing the division by forming your own useless party which has no followers, you Malume?

  • comment-avatar
    Rwendo 9 years ago

    I don’t know the messenger but the message rings true. In life you act or you are acted upon.

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    chiremba wemberengwa 9 years ago

    Saka iwe Mafume namBiti naMangoma, kana muchibvuma kuti Tsvangson akahwina maelections muna 2008, akabirwa muna 2013 uye kuti maZimbo magwara, nei makabuda muMDC-T muchinoforma the nebulous and useless so-called Renewal Team???

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    Dai mwari vatora Mugabe!No invester in their right mind will invest in Zim as long as Botox Bob is alive! The stigma ine Zim is attached to the name ‘Mugabe’..

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    Chiwoniso D 9 years ago

    This time around you are very right Mafume. Only that you were spoiled by your fellow lawyer mbiti. Come back to the populous Big Tent and help organise the demos.

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    Insider 9 years ago

    When the great day comes I will have a huge DEAD MUGABE party and we will all spit on his picture.

  • comment-avatar
    munzwa 9 years ago

    That be true, insider, but there are ways to hasten this event, do not do anything that sustains him or his finance minister

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    cypriano 9 years ago

    This Mafume is good spokesperson, very soon Zanupf will recruit you, like they did to all geniouses like Amai Jukwa, Phsycology Mazivisa, Jonathan Moyo to mention but a few.Zimbabweans lets watch the space as time will tell.Your point Mr Mafume is spot on.However, if your look back you will realise that we were not that docile, Zimbabweans new their rights and eould go to the streets to demonstrate.However, our resistance were ruthlessly crushed and eventually silenced but we cry inside our hearts.

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    Mafume is not spot on,he knows what is stopping people from going to the streets ,its just a useless speech ,he didnt have anything to say ,so the best way is to insult the Zimbabweans,its an insult to the peopple of Zimbabwe if you are apolitcian who knows the Terrain.Stupid

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    Let us go back to History textbook and read about the French revolution, we look back at what happened to Khadaf in Libia, Hosni and many ditactors inthe Arab countries. I think Mr Mafume has a very good point, the oposition and the supressed people of Zim should rise and this is the right time. Let us fight we can not afford a passive resistance, these cops are ruthless and i sugest we meet them halfway. Mafume help us with necessary equipment please.

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    Mishonga yanetsa 9 years ago

    Kuda kuti titakure matuzvi imi muchidya mese muma hotels kkkkkk. Kubva gore randawona biti na muchena vachiseka vose asi vanhu vachipondana ndakati biology is the way foward. Pamberi nebiology! Pasi nokupondesa vana mavapa mascud

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    Zvinoiita 9 years ago

    kkkkkk he saw the pictures of the 15th Anniversary in Mucheke Stadium and started hallucinating.

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    just saying 9 years ago

    According to Mafume ‘The one is one thing I like about a South African activist; if sewage flows passing his home, he collects it, puts it in his bag, takes the raw sewage and throws it at the municipality’s door step.’ No decent leader would make such a stupid statement. I believe that only people having exhausted all reasonable options do this out of frustration.