Performance cabinet?

via Performance cabinet? 12 November 2014 by Jera

Amid all this, we hear that another Joice Mujuru ally, Midlands Provincial Chairman, Jason Machaya, has been ousted. Speaking as a citizen who is still waiting for one of those two million jobs, I couldn’t care a rat’s whisker about Machaya’s misfortunes.

In September 2013, President Mugabe proclaimed that this was going to be a ‘performance based’ cabinet. Despite these empty presidential assurances, nothing has changed. Chinamasa’s ministry still fails to meet civil servants paydays. David Parirenyatwa’s health ministry has doctorless hospitals.

Concerned with appearances, we have sent health personnel to help deal with the Ebola crisis in West Africa while, back home, patients lie untreated in the Parirenyatwa Hospital car park.

Jonathan Moyo’s information ministry, right under Mugabe’s nose, has transformed state media into a blunt instrument with which one faction clobbers another. Chombo has remained consistent, keeping up his reputation of demolishing houses, without constructing even a chicken coup to accommodate those left homeless. In the mining sector, Walter Chidhakwa staggers on, clueless – as we all are – about the revenue from diamond mines.

Mnangagwa, one who is determined to fight, has been so busy sabotaging Joice Mujuru that he seems to have forgotten that his Justice Ministry has the mammoth task of realigning laws to the new constitution. Dzikamai Mavhaire is completely in the dark, on how to keep the lights on, as are we who were continually told that electricity shortages were caused by forex scarcity. Zesa bills are now paid in forex, yet power shortages remain. Nothing makes sense any more.

The broke government is adamant that $282 is sufficient monthly compensation for a medical doctor – a professional trained for give long years. Grace Mugabe is said to be preparing a second round of rallies. We have already established that rocks cannot produce pure diesel, so who is footing the bill for Mrs Mugabe’s helicopter fuel?

While hundreds make do with Aspirin for life threatening illnesses, from lack of doctors at state hospitals, Obert Mpofu has, without batting an eyelid, donated $70K towards the December congress. To put into perspective, $70K is sufficient to buy a house in Mabelreign – or pay a few doctors’ salaries.


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    too true

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    Nyoni 6 years ago

    If only the people were empowered to have a no confidence vote enshrined in our constitutiön when a government is underperforming for a period of time , one is certain this one would be gone by now. Thus the abuse of our great people by these evil monsters.

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    Godobori 6 years ago

    Performance, or Persecution? The roads they use were built by Ian Smith from scratch. The cities they use were built by Ian Smith from scratch. The railway lines, the power infrastructure, the telecoms infrastructure, the sovereign assets of Zimbabwe were all built by white settlers before independence.

    But of course our rulers built Chinese pagodas, mansions, military barracks, the airport and bought big limos. There, the word performance applies. Anywhere else – hell no!

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      clive Sutherland 6 years ago

      The white settlers also turned virgin bush into fertile productive farms growing food for everyone!

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    Panda moyo 6 years ago

    You ve said it godobori. Performance should begin from the head of state.all these at the bottom are just following his example.he does not care about ebola,all he cares about is to ensure his presidential seat .who can blame his close puppets for behaving exactly like sell outs that,traitors this,east west n nothing about people dying in hospitals.who is the real murderer then?”sanctions “it seems do not touch the likes of obert except perhaps for shopping.

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    Mpisi 6 years ago

    Dongo, Jacob Ngarivhume, Bennett, Coltart Kay – a coalition of courage common sense and integrity. So sorry Wilfred Mhanda is no longer with us.