Pictures & Audio: I will spill blood – Grace

via Pictures & Audio: I will spill blood – Grace – NewsDay Zimbabwe 8 October 2014 by Blessed Mhlanga & Everson Mushava

First Lady Grace Mugabe has threatened to spill blood in defence of her extensive Mazowe farm which she says she “personally” grabbed at the height of the land reform programme.

Mugabe told hundreds of ruling party supporters at the Zanu PF Gweru Convention Centre on Monday that she personally seized the farm from its owners to show people that the land reform exercise was not child’s play.

“Nobody will remove me from the farm which I took. Blood will be spilt if anyone attempts to remove me from that farm . . . I took that farm personally because even after I told ministers and government officials that I wanted a farm, they did not allocate me land and instead told me they thought I was joking,” she said.

The First Family also owns Iron Mask Estate previously owned by farmers John and Eva Matthews.

“I asked Baba (President Robert Mugabe): `What will people think about this land reform if they see us not leading from the front?’ I told him if you want to eat a dog, eat a very big dog which has a strong odour so that when people pass through they acknowledge that indeed a dog was eaten,” she said.

Mugabe also urged women to hold on to land even if they do not use it.

“Women, we need land, so let us take it. Even if we don’t farm on the land, that is not a problem as long as you have it and it’s yours,” she said.

“I have it and I am a good farmer who did not even benefit from the farm mechanisation programme, I would buy my implements one by one from my farming proceeds.”

Meanwhile, Grace’s meeting with church leaders at her Mazowe Orphanage yesterday turned into a bootlicking contest when church leaders competed to outdo each other in pampering her with praises and even pronouncing a
prophetic declaration of success in her budding political career.

The church leaders, drawn from different denominations across the country, assured Grace of massive support and urged her not to be afraid in taking up her newly-launched political career. They even appealed to her to become their patron and presented several grievances, among them farms for carrying out various church activities.

Grace promised to take their concerns to her husband, President Mugabe.

However, her pledge was not without strings as she pleaded with the men of the cloth to appeal to their congregants to join Zanu PF and buy membership cards as a show of their unwavering support to the First Family.

“I am also requesting you to purchase Zanu PF membership cards so that the party’s membership grows and you will say, we came and we conquered,” Grace said.

First to open the floor was Zion Christian Church leader, Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi, who was sitting at the front table alongside Grace.

Mutendi said Grace had succeeded in keeping orphans instead of building personal mansions in every province of the country.

Zimbabwe National Pastors’ Fraternal (ZNPF) for Bulawayo Pastor Munyaradzi Pundo said the church was behind Grace in all her endeavours.

“Don’t be afraid to enter politics, God is with you. Don’t be afraid that you are young in politics, you have the support of the church, which we call the Air Force of Zimbabwe,” Pundo said.

“You have a veteran leader who stood for the people; you have a lot of strength to draw from your husband. You will be the queen of the world if you address four things: the plight of orphans, which you are already doing, the widows, the elderly and the pastors.”

ZNPF co-ordinator for Mashonaland Central Pastor Andrew Gunha also said churches were behind Grace.

“As churches, we rally and must rally behind you,” Gunha said. “For a home to stand, it needs a woman, and we say, for a country to stand, it needs a woman. We would like to thank you for supporting President Mugabe.”

Mashonaland West co-ordinator Pastor Goodwell Khosa said the invitation to Mazowe marked the beginning of collaboration between government and the church. Together with the Mashonaland East co-ordinator Pastor Cyde Tsiga, Khosa praised Grace for achieving a doctorate degree.

`We would like to congratulate you for your devotion to Zimbabwe. We would also like to congratulate you for your appointment to lead the (Zanu PF) Women’s League in your party and achieving a doctorate degree, which is a milestone in your career.”

Rev Chanakira of Harare said: “Tell Baba [President Mugabe] that we will rise and fall with you. We thank him for promoting peace in the country.
To you, you have shown that you are a mother of all mothers by keeping children who have been dumped by other human beings.”

Responding to the praises, Grace said she had been placed in “that status by God for a purpose”. She thanked churches for the support and assured them she would tell Mugabe of their requests which included farming and residential land, empowerment projects and exemption from paying taxes, among others.

“Mugabe is the perfect gift we had from God. I am blessed to be beside this man. He was bred by people who fear God,” Grace said.
The First Lady said she decided to embark on money-generating projects as a “fall-back position” in the event that “things change”.

Grace also castigated some churches milking people of their hard-earned cash in order to enrich their leaders, warning such wealth would disappear.

“Never covert such wealth, what is yours, you sweat for,” Grace said.

The First Lady, who has already hit the road running since she was nominated to lead the Zanu PF Women’s League in July, has hosted several key stakeholders at the orphanage as she launched her political career.

She has in the last few days also held campaign rallies in Chinhoyi and Gweru, and is today expected to stretch her campaign trail to Harare. On Friday, she is expected to tour Mutare and Hwange.

At the City Sports Centre in Harare today she is expected to continue her attacks on the party’s provincial leadership which she has in the past described as “inept” and opposed to her political rise.

She has often publicly attacked the Amos Midzi-led Harare executive, accusing it of decampaigning her and failing to wrest the city from the opposition MDC-T.

Zanu PF sources told NewsDay yesterday that the provincial leadership was aware of Grace’s push to discredit it and eventually force its dismissal.

Sources within the party said the First Lady, as a mother figure, should work towards uniting the party instead of resorting to name-calling, threats and attacks.

“We can only do much better if we are united and peaceful, but for her to now come and say she wants people fired is not in the spirit of togetherness,” said a source.


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    JRR56 8 years ago

    Hope the blood spilt will be hers!

  • comment-avatar
    Nigel Petre 8 years ago

    This just proves the top people in power are only thinking of themselves and not the ordinary Zimbabweans in the street!!
    How could anyone in their right mind voted for these?
    Time for a serious revolution? If so I’m in!!

  • comment-avatar
    gonzo 8 years ago

    if disgrace is such a big lady let her come to my house by her big self and take it,at least we will never have to hear from her again silly tart.

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    Mapingu 8 years ago

    “… Blood will be spilt if anyone attempts to remove me from that farm . . . I took that farm personally …,” Grace said.

    Interesting, to hear ‘our God-given mother’ as per the clownish church leaders proclamations. If Mugabe was really fazed by Beauty’s clapping of Temba, as some circles claimed, then these threats of ‘spilling blood’ by his own wife must totally unnerve him. We are waiting for his reaction on this one – without much anticipation of course knowing the man’s double standards. The man also has an unbeatable his ability to shed crocodile tears. I am sure that is what he was simply doing in the case of one Temba receiving a clap of the year from one mother Beauty. He could not have been serious at all – if anything he values zanu pf cadres who effectively make use of their degrees in violence. Those are what he calls ‘Amandoda sibili’ – and better still those demonstrate their ability to send others 6 ft down.

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    The Mind Boggles 8 years ago

    It’s very near now , she’s about to make her move and then only god can help Zimbabalooba land of the crazy!!!!

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    Swagman 8 years ago

    Disgrace, that so-so Typist is a fool!
    She lives in a dreamworld where ZANU
    is going to survive, where she is
    going to survive!

    She’s hallucinating, she is going to be
    swimming in her own blood very soon,
    she will be disposed, imprisoned and
    tried as an accomplice of Mugarbage’s.

    All this attention to the *Whore of Zimbabwe*
    is disgraceful – we should just ignore her
    ranting – she will NEVER be anything, ZANU-PF
    is DEAD!

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    Doris 8 years ago

    Great, an admission of guilt. That has secured her seat in The Hague!

  • comment-avatar
    mark longhurst 8 years ago

    has this second grade thief got dementia? or maybe some of bobs syphilis? ‘never covert such wealth ‘ she says, what a lying hypocritical thieving jezebel,and the religious zealots using the cover of god to make money are licking her boots—Houston ,we have a problem…..

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    revenger avenger 8 years ago

    We all know what happened to Marie Antoinette. Imelda Marcos. Elena caesesco. Madame Mao. Jocelyn chiwenga. Its sure gonna end badly. I am reserving a front row seat !!!!!!!!!!

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    I thought I saw in one of the papers a picture of the Anglican bishop, Bishop Gandiya, purportedly attending the Grace indaba in Mazowe. Did he attend? If he did is it political calculation, given what the Anglican church went through with the ZANU PF puppet Norbert Kunonga? I sincerely, hope that Bishop Gandiya did not attend? And if he did he was truthful and told Grace in no uncertain terms how she and her husband have destroyed the lives and livelihoods of all Zimbabweans. But who am I kidding?

    The convergence of the clegy at the kingdom of Grace is one of the worst mistakes ever made by faith leaders in the history of the world. Grace now feels very empowered and she is going do be very reckless because of this show of support whether genuine or not. Ecclesiasticals should never make political calculations because they do not need the support of mortals. Their duty is to be truthful no matter how politically inconvenient the truth may be. The prophets of the old led by these ethos. Unfortunately, the pseudo Zimbabwean clegy do the very opposite. We are in trouble my dear friends.

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    Mena Bona 8 years ago

    Bleat Bleat you worn out old nanny goat. If you think you will rule Zimbabwe, you are madder than we thought. Zimbabweans are tired of you and your thieving rubbish family. The lion is getting closer. Bleat Bleat.

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    bruce Koffee 8 years ago

    Those who live by a sword will die by the sword. If you partake in the council of the evil, you will be evil too. Whoever thought that a mere typist will ever threaten of spilling blood. But now hear her. absolute power corrupts and corrupts absolutely. Mugabe should hear what he reared and promote. One who does not respect life is devil incarnet. Very soon Bona will be talking like that also. Hope the boys will not go out and do the same. Other wise it will be a house of murderous. You desired it and what is left its physical manifastation, be very careful that it will not be a reverse desire.

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    The Rover 8 years ago

    She is a complete fool….and it will be a huge embarrassment to Zimbabwe if she goes any further…and she is being pushed by the controlling body.
    Please could someone please explain her quote re eating a dog…is that something in Shona culture somewhere?????????
    And what of her comment ” Women we need land, so let us take it even if we don’t farm on it that is not a problem……”
    But as 1 thoughtful man once said…” Never argue with an idiot!!””

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    Rwendo 8 years ago

    Mugabe is tough. Imagine having to listen to this motor- mouth’s shallow ramblings every night for the last 2 decades.. As opposed to enjoying pillow talk, he should be suffering from ‘pillow shock’

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    takaz 8 years ago

    The clapper Zhuwawos wife imhengera Mumba. Mharapatsetsetse kkkkk. Anotopenga uye mukadzi asina tsika anorova murume asiwake. I think she pees on zhuwawo
    You divorce a woman and settle for that kind nhai zhuwawo.

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    Stewart 8 years ago

    How much sweat does it take to steal from others? Moronic cow