Police arrest activists ahead of demo

Police have arrested some activists from their homes ahead of today’s demonstration.

Source: Police arrest activists ahead of demo – The Zimbabwean 26.08.2016

So far two activists from Dzivaresekwa have been picked up and are detained at the Dzivaresekwa police station.
Arrested are Keith Mashayamombe and another whose name has been given simply as Samson.
Promise Mkwananzi has been arrested.
A Mugari has been arrested and put in leg irons.


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    Desmond Fryer 6 years ago

    It is our organization which is responsible for closing down Sylvester Nyatsuro’s Willows Medical Centre in Carlton, by applying pressure on Dr James Hopkinson and various other organizations in the UK. We are the same organization behind having Kasukuwere’s son kicked out of the UK. We should have him out within the next few months. We are also focusing our attention on +/-120 Zimbabwean owned companies in the UK with links to the ruling ZANU PF party and will hopefully have the majority of them closed within the next six to eight months and all those Zimbabweans working at or owning these companies will have their relevant visas cancelled and in turn sent back to Zimbabwe. We are fortunate in that we have a number of UK agencies working in close collaboration with us on these issues. Further to this, we have proof that a considerable number of Zimbabweans who have come to settle in the UK were involved in the looting of farm equipment which was stolen from the previous farmers. This farm equipment was then sold to pay for their air tickets, rents, school and university fees for their children, and in a number of cases set up businesses here in the UK. Those involved in these illegal activities back in Zimbabwe will be tried and sentenced here in the UK.

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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    A highly efficient law system – guilty before committing the crime.