Police fight demonstrators in Harare

Harare – Riot police fought running battles with protestors in Harare’s Central Business District today.

Source: Police fight demonstrators in Harare – The Zimbabwean 03.08.2016

The clash came after riot police officers blocked unemployed graduates who were on their way to deliver a petition against unemployment to Parliament.

Riot police first pounced on the peaceful protestors near Parliament building but the protestors later regrouped and attacked the police with stones forcing the riot police officers to retreat.

The police later returned armed with guns and teargas and the protestors dispersed.

However several of the protestors as well as passers-by were injured as a result of the police brutality. Journalist Christopher Mahove was injured after riot police officers pounced on him during a clampdown on protestors in the capital today.

The riot police officers confiscated his recorder

More details to follow…


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    A CALL TO THE POLICE, ZRP! For goodness sake men you are putting yourselves in an extremely precarious position and do not for one minute consider that when things change abruptly you are not going to have to answer for your cruelty and torture of the people of Zimbabwe. Many of you have faces on the internet and are known well by you adversaries , so tread wearily gentlemen because it will, not may, it WILL come back to bite you. If one of you cops reads this do pass it on to your “comrades” as they need to know! People of Zimbabwe have no respect for the ZRP any more and you are the enemy of the people, so be very very careful.

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    tonyme 6 years ago

    Create jobs and this will make all the loitering graduates go to work. Government is creating the environment. Are the graduates supposed to just sit at home and do nothing? See,s like the government wants to see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing. That is not a good philosophy to go by when running a country.

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    i dont why police in zim thier so stupid their suffuring in thier houses they dont have money even anything to feed thier families busy fighting with people who wants thier freedom work up u guys in shona i can say kasi makadyiswa here mukai mhani kwete kurara sepwere??//?————-