Police killed my child, says Makokoba man

A one-year-old baby died in Bulawayo after allegedly suffocating from teargas fired by riot police during last Wednesday’s nationwide stayaway.

Source: Police killed my child, says Makokoba man – The Standard July 10, 2016


Kupakwashe Mutasa was reportedly sleeping when police descended at Burombo Flats in Makokoba after 4pm, firing teargas at random within the corridors.

Her father, David Mutasa yesterday said Kupakwashe died on their way to Mpilo Hospital to seek treatment.

Police fired teargas inside the flats in Makokoba to force residents out, where they were made to sing the national anthem and then severely beaten with baton sticks accused of staging an anti-government protest.

“I tried to tell them that my child had been affected by the teargas and needed urgent medical attention but they did not listen,” Mutasa said.

“I too was suffocating from the smoke. My baby was suffocating but they did not care and made us [together with other residents] stand outside while some of them went inside the flats firing teargas.

“I only managed to try to seek medical attention after they left but it was too late as my child died on our way to the hospital.”

Police were “hunting” for youths who staged running battles with them in the afternoon. Mutasa (42) said police had not offered any help, or apologised to the family following the death of his daughter.

Molly Sibanda (69) and Marko Mhlanga (59), both residents at Burombo flats, condemned the police action, saying they were affected by the teargas.

“The whole community is mourning following the death of Mutasa’s baby who died because of their teargas. I now have chest pains and a constant cough,” Mhlanga said.

“The teargas canister was at my door and it is a miracle I survived. It was terrible. The situation could easily be mistaken for a war-zone.

Sibanda added: “It’s sad to know we have lost a baby. I stay with my grandchildren and one of them who is pregnant nearly suffocated to death. I don’t know what we did to deserve this barbaric kind of treatment from the police we thought are there to protect us.”

Police severely beat up Burombo residents, made them sing the national anthem, and arrested a number of them on allegations of looting shops during the “shut down Zim” stayaway.

Police spokesperson senior assistant commissioner Charity Charamba yesterday professed ignorance over Kupakwashe’s death.

“I don’t know. Did they report the matter to the police? I am not in Bulawayo and wouldn’t know,” she said.

On Wednesday, Charamba said police had a wanted list of residents accused of inciting violence in Bulawayo.


  • comment-avatar
    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    Time now for people to start marking individual police officers for later action when their protection has gone – and to make sure the police are aware it is being done.

  • comment-avatar
    IAN SMITH 6 years ago

    This is murder of an innocent child the community must rally around this injustice.
    This is so bad in other countries revenge would be swift or the law would be there to see that the Mutasa family is compensated for their loss and the perpetrator of this evil act is held accountable and charged.

    All Zimbabwe citizens should petition the united nations peace keeping force to watch over the movement for justice NOW before it is to late.

    The murder of Kupakwashe Mutasa is a terrible loss and our deepest sympathy goes to the Mutasa family.


    • comment-avatar
      Joe Cool 6 years ago

      The United Nations is a movement for pious bureaucracy dedicated to earning their pay through extracting funds from their members’ taxpayers. So, don’t hold your breath about getting any assistance from them. It is also quite likely that the IMF and World Bank are going to extend loans to Zimbabwe (read Zanu PF) in order to position their members (read US, EU) to close in for the kill on Zimbabwe’s resources.. Nobody is going to help Zimbabweans, except Zimbabeans – so they need to face the reality of it.

  • comment-avatar
    Cde Moyo 6 years ago

    Please let us seek police clearance for a peaceful March against the ZRP Brutuality;Some were beaten under their feet in Harare and Bulawayo.It’s a matter of a day;they will pay for this even thru their children facing same abuse.be warned!!!!;your days are numbered.

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    We have a lot of lawyers advocating for human rights , how about suing the police this time around , because this have to stop .

  • comment-avatar
    nehemiah topodzi 6 years ago

    zim police dont think you are exceptional you have kids just like anyone. Being a police officer is just a passing phase in life. Once a prefect at school won’t mean you remain a prefect time will come for you to retire we are watching you 1Day i 1Day rest in peace miss Mutasa