Police question Media Centre director

Two police officers on 6 October 2016 visited the Media Centre in Harare demanding to know the organisation’s registration details.

Source: Police question Media Centre director – The Zimbabwean 07.10.2016

Media Centre director Earnest Mudzengi, said they also enquired about the Centre’s staff compliment and rental arrangements.

The officers took details of the Media Centre’s trustees and its director including phone numbers and residential address in addition to being provided with its registration details.

“While, the motivating factor for the visit was not immediately clear, fears and indications are that the visit signals an operation to crack down on civic organisations that are deemed to be a threat to Zanu PF’s hegemonic interests and intentions,” said Mudzengi.

He said from their discussions with the officers, it would appear “police  superiors” are concerned with the press conferences the Media Centre consistently facilitates for civic organisations, civic activists and political actors.


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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    So why did you give them the details, to which they were not entitled?

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    Excactly – why did you not ask to see a search warrant? You should have just kicked them out! Brace up, you guys, or you will all be eaten alive. Did you know that the grandfather and all his family and other hyeanas have all gone to Singapore again. No medicines in Zim, but plenty in Singapore for those who can get there for free, no money in the banks in Zim, but if you are a hyeana then $50-$60k is available for shopping in Singapore. Enough is finally enough!!

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    Why don’t you include my comment?