Politburo sets team to probe factionalism

via Politburo sets team to probe factionalism | The Herald 31 October 2014 by Lloyd Gumbo and Felex Share

THE zanu-pf Politburo yesterday resolved to set up a commission of inquiry to probe allegations of factionalism raised in a report presented by outgoing secretary for Women’s Affairs Cde Oppah Muchinguri on the First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe’s recent provincial tours.

The Politburo also banned the use of divisive slogans like “Pasi neGamatox” and “Pasi nezvipfukuto” which have come to define the party along factional lines.

Cde Muchinguri’s report documented allegations of factionalism and divisive elements within the party.

Amai Mugabe rapped Vice President Joice Mujuru for alleged corruption, abuse of office, extorting shareholding from companies and demanding 10 percent bribes from potential investors during her provincial tours.

She was hailed by the Politburo yesterday as a “breath of fresh air” for her bold stance to expose the rot afflicting the party at high levels.

The kudos to the First Lady followed the report on her highly-subscribed “Meet The People Tour” that was presented by Cde Muchinguri.

zanu-pf spokesperson Cde Rugare Gumbo said President Mugabe was expected to appoint the commission of inquiry soon.

He described yesterday’s Politburo deliberations as no-holds-barred.

“We had a long discussion on the report by secretary for Women’s Affairs Cde Oppah Muchinguri,” he said.

“We discussed and debated what was in the report.

“There were issues relating to factionalism. The President was candid and frank enough to tell us the factions that he has been advised of are existing.

“The President mentioned that (Emmerson) Mnangagwa (Secretary for Legal Affairs) has a faction. Vice President (Joice) Mujuru has a faction and he said the commission will look into that. Accordingly, he will set up a commission to look at the allegations of these factions.

“The debate was frank, open and at times quite explosive. That’s an issue that we debated. There was a robust discussion of that particular issue. That’s why it led to the decision to try and set up a commission to look into that.”

Cde Gumbo said the party was yet to come up with terms of reference and time-frame for the commission to start work.

Some of the issues that came up for deliberation in the Politburo meeting were corruption allegations against VP Mujuru raised by Amai Mugabe during her tours.

Amai Mugabe accused VP Mujuru of extorting companies to mobilise money for use in her plan to topple President Mugabe.

Cde Gumbo said the allegations were discussed as they were part of the contents of Cde Muchinguri’s report.

He expressed confidence that the revolutionary party would remain united, with the upcoming congress expected to “reinvigorate” it.
Cde Gumbo said divisive slogans had been banned.

“The other thing which I think is very important is the issue of party slogans,” he said. “With immediate effect, no one should use slogans that are not approved by the party. Down with gamatox, down with chipfukuto (weevils), it’s out with immediate effect, I must stress that. We want slogans that unite the people not to divide the party.”

Sources that attended the meeting said the Politburo showered praises on Amai Mugabe for her stance to deal with evils that were destroying the party.

“The structure of the report presented by Cde Muchinguri indicated major issues of concerns that were affecting people and these came out in the closed door meetings the First Lady had with them,” a source said.

“The Politburo was pleased with the refreshing manner in which the First Lady had redirected the leadership to look at issues of concern raised by the people. One Politburo member actually described Amai Mugabe as a breath of fresh air.”

Added another source: “From an analytical point of view, Amai Mugabe has been a catalyst in addressing the cancer of factionalism. She has assisted the leadership to focus in delivery.”

Cde Gumbo confirmed the Politburo upheld the suspension of Mashonaland West chairman Cde Themba Mliswa.

“We discussed the issue, the disciplinary committee came up with a decision that they uphold the no confidence vote passed on Mliswa because the simple majority that passed the decision was proved to be correct,” he said.

“Yes, there were five other people who after a few days decided that they withdraw their vote. But the committee felt that they couldn’t do that because it was a fait accompli that the 26 members did vote for no confidence.”


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