President enjoys majority trust: Survey

President enjoys majority trust: Survey

Source: President enjoys majority trust: Survey – Sunday News May 7, 2017

Harare Bureau
PRESIDENT Mugabe enjoys support from almost two-thirds of adult Zimbabweans, while the same number has lost trust in opposition political parties, an international think-tank has concluded.

Findings by Pan-African and non-partisan researchers Afrobarometer show that the ruling Zanu-PF, the Zimbabwe National Army, the courts, police and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission enjoy trust among Zimbabweans.

According to the 2012 National Census, Zimbabwe has a population of about 13,1 million, with 7,7 million aged above 15 and categorised as adults. The findings, about a year ahead of harmonised elections which opposition parties have mulled contesting as a united front, but survey indications are that they lag far behind President Mugabe and Zanu-PF.

In fact, the survey shows that the adults who don’t trust the opposition (36 percent) are more than those who do (32 percent).
Afrobarometer concludes that the least trusted institutions are the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and opposition political parties, while religious leaders enjoy the trust of almost three-quarters of adult Zimbabweans.

According to the findings from a sample of 1 200 adult citizens from all 10 provinces, conducted between 28 January and 10 February this year, President Mugabe has the trust of 55 percent of urban dwellers and 69 percent support from the rural population. His trust is higher among women (65 percent) than men (62 percent).

The survey was carried out by traditionally pro-opposition researchers, the Mass Public Opinion Institute, on behalf of South Africa-based Afrobarometer. The findings have a margin of error of plus or minus three percent, and have 95 percent accuracy.

“Almost two-thirds of adult Zimbabweans (64 percent) trust President Mugabe,” the findings reveal. “There is more trust for the president in rural areas (69 percent) than urban centres (55 percent). It is also important to note that the public trust the president (64 percent) more than they do the ruling party, Zanu-PF (56 percent).

“Half of adult Zimbabweans (50 percent) reported that they trust the electoral management body, that is, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. Masvingo province has the highest proportion of adult Zimbabweans (67 percent) who claim that they trust it ‘somewhat’ or quite ‘a lot’ with Bulawayo province having the least trust (28 percent).”

Previous findings by the think tank show ever-increasing support for President Mugabe since 2010.

The report continues: “Religious leaders command ‘a lot’ of trust among Zimbabweans with almost three-fourths (72 percent) saying that they trust them while only a few adult Zimbabweans (32 percent) place faith in the opposition political parties.

Thirty-six percent of adult Zimbabweans say they don’t have trust in the opposition political parties.”


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    harper 1 year

    Control in Zimbabwe is exercised through fear. Surveys will not obtain the truth in this situation.

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    Conelious moyo 1 year

    Zimbos will never cease to amaze you, mina i can vouch for this survey. Hate me for this but the pple from the eastern parts of the country just love mugabe and zpf… The claims that they are intimidated into submission is just a fallacy. For how do you explain that far away from their rural homes in the safety of byo the oposition stronghold, these pple still pursue and further zpf politics. Kumaraini kwangu the majority of those who hail from the eastern regions are bona fide zpf card carrying members… Hee musangano,musangano

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    CFR 1 year

    It is wonderful news that Zimbabweans have such faith in such a brilliant President. Hence the saying “people earn the government that they deserve.” The happiest people and the best president in the world.

  • comment-avatar
    JOC 1 year

    Its difficult to have sympathy for the people of Zim when they keep on voting for the idiots that keep them in poverty????

  • comment-avatar
    owen 1 year

    well he aint got my trust… not the least little bit …
    but it could be true – many zimbabweans have a pretty weird philosophy on “politics” … our turn to eat etc.

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    ko iyo population yeZimbabwe inongoramba iri 13.1 m, even after 20 years