PRESIDENT REASSURES NATION . . .No one will be denied food

PRESIDENT REASSURES NATION . . .No one will be denied food | The Herald March 19, 2016

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there will be no discrimination in the distribution of food imported by Government to feed people and those caught influencing food distribution on partisan lines will be dealt with in terms of the law, President Mugabe has said. He assured the nation that no one would die of hunger in this country. Speaking as he officially opened the Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University here yesterday, President Mugabe said the El Nino-induced drought was affecting every Zimbabwean and no one should be left out when it comes to food aid.

“We got the same feeling, needs and demands and so even as we struggle against each other politically, the hunger that we feel within our own party is the same hunger being felt in the MDC,” President Mugabe said.

“We are Zimbabweans whether we are working in mines, farms or companies. We can never rub off the fact of our being Zimbabwean, the fact of being human beings. That is what Christianity teaches us.

“Whether we find ourselves in the party or any association, we are all the same, bound together as one family of Zimbabweans.” He added: “As food is being distributed, it is being distributed to people as a whole to save them. We might differ on policies but when we talk of food, all of us should be served. It does not matter which church or party one belongs to.”

Government was distributing grain to all the provinces but reports were that some officials were distributing the food on a partisan basis. About four million people are in need of food aid and Government has about 91 000 tonnes, enough to cover the next three months.

Government is also working on plans to import more grain and has also given licences to private players to assist. President Mugabe underscored his remarks on fairness in food distribution while addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters who had gathered at Chipadze Stadium for a rally.

“The food is there and what is slowing distribution is the challenge we are facing in transportation,” he said. “People tend to compete for what would have come, but I am glad we haven’t heard of any deaths and we don’t want anyone to die. I have been told that food distribution is being done properly, nicely and there are places that need more and we will ensure that is done.

“If you have surplus and know that there are other areas that need food, please assist each other and Government will be in the process of bringing more.”

To alleviate the transport problems, the District Development Fund has adopted a “hit and run” concept and has 10 trucks going around the country moving food from Grain Marketing Board depots to the people.

Government has also re-introduced its public works programmes, popularly known as food-for-work to ensure those who are not labour constrained work for the grain.

He said Government officials would move around the country assessing how people are using the agricultural equipment secured from Brazil. The equipment, President Mugabe said, was the panacea to the drought challenges being experienced as people can use it to irrigate their crops throughout the year.

Zimbabwe has a lot of water bodies that are not being utilised.


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    Thanks Mr President for the careless proclamation. As per your endless assurances, we continue to be denied food anyway. And as always the case, we know, Mr President, you will always be unaware of it. In any case we all know it has never been one of your talents to see obvious things happening under you nose. But the good things is, we again know that years down the line when you need people’s votes you will also assure us that it was “one of those Zanu pf’s moments of madness”. Meanwhile uncountable lives would have been lost. And for sure, you will then as usual go on and reward the perpetrators of your so-called “moments of madness” for the good job they would have done – of ensuring that innocent people die or better still are killed. What a caring President! What a devout Pan_African! Long-live loving President! Nxaaaaaaaa!

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      marie antoinette – let them eat cake – and then came the French revolution.

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    Doris 6 years ago

    The only ones denied food are those without Zanupf cards.