Pro-Mugabe vets protest against Dube

Source: Pro-Mugabe vets protest against Dube – DailyNews Live

Bridget Mananavire      28 June 2017

HARARE – A rival section of former freedom fighters opposed to the
Christopher Mutsvangwa-led executive, has organised a massive
demonstration against War Veterans minister Tshinga Dube for backing calls
to have President Robert Mugabe name a successor.

The demonstration will be held in Harare this morning at the Zanu PF

George Mlala, who is representing the section of war veterans aligned to a
parallel executive led by Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister
Mandiitawepi Chimene said all the provinces will participate at the demo
to show support for Mugabe.

“It’s not a demonstration. It’s a statement, in reaction to what the
minister of War Veterans said.

“They (war veterans) want to support the president and to tell him that
what he is doing is the right thing and that as the war veterans we are
behind him.

“It’s a solidarity statement with the president, that he should not be
pressured to name a successor.  It’s unconstitutional,” Mlala told the
Daily News.

“Of course there is going to be many people as war vets are going to come
from all provinces from across the country,” he added.

Speaking in his Makokoba constituency on Sunday, Dube stirred a hornet’s
nest when he backed the larger section of war veterans who have been
calling Mugabe to name a successor.

“Sometimes people don’t understand them (war veterans); for instance when
they said they are now looking at the future leadership. Some people think
they mean to say they are being disloyal to our president, no not at all.

“We respect our president. He has done so much for this country. He has
brought about land to the people who never had land. He has brought
education to our nation but they are talking about the future.

“…But we are saying we are very happy with our president we want him to
win the next election but eventually he will decide to retire, we don’t
know when but when that time comes that’s what the war veterans are

“When they (war veterans) choose some of these people, it’s not because
they are tired of our president, no, not at all, they are only

“There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be a president, if you want to be
but its people who choose you, you can’t choose yourself,” said Dube.


  • comment-avatar
    MukorekoreTavara 5 years ago

    BEware George mulala wants to be president!

  • comment-avatar
    CramshellB 5 years ago

    Chimemene and the war collaborators she demonstrates with are not the war veterans. Its a bunch of some of the people attempted to be freedom fighters, but not commanders-unknown people. She knows how she lied to president to get where she is and what she said. The old president should know who will protect his family when he dies surely Mandi Chimemene will just vanish. This bunch of thugs- their days in the party are numbered. That she was once a minister will be shown in pictures to her grandchildren who will not believe her though.

  • comment-avatar
    Conelious moyo 5 years ago

    From the above statement there is nothing to demonstrate abt. Nothing untoward said, nothing treasonous and nothing for mugabe ouster but just plain eventuality on th horizon