Prosperity churches cheats —Anglican head

Source: Prosperity churches cheats —Anglican head – Sunday News Apr 17, 2016

Brian Chitemba and Desire Ncube
THE head of the Anglican Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, yesterday launched a scathing attack on a crop of young charismatic prophets who are preaching the “prosperity gospel”, saying they are ripping off congregants.In an interview soon after landing at Harare International Airport, Archbishop Welby said the prosperity preachers were deceitful.
For about five years, Zimbabwe has witnessed a proliferation of young prophets who tell congregants to “seed” money, cars and houses for them to get greater riches. Archbishop Welby said such preaching had no basis in Biblical Scripture.

“Preachers should always preach the true Gospel. It is very clear in the Scripture that Christians face problems, but it doesn’t mean God is not there. The Gospel of saying if you come to Jesus you will get everything is heresy; those preachers are actually deceiving people. I will also include that in my sermon tomorrow (today),” he said.

On same-sex marriages, an issue that is tearing many Christian denominations apart, the Archbishop said the Anglican Church viewed homosexuality as morally wrong although it was legal in Britain.

The Anglican Church leader expressed happiness over the final resolution of a long-running clash between former Anglican Harare Diocese Bishop Nolbert Kunonga and Bishop Chad Gandiya. Archbishop Welby last night attended a dinner at St Mary’s Cathedral and is expected to lead a church service today at Glamis Arena at Harare Exhibition Park.