‘Public sector bogged by interference’

via ‘Public sector bogged by interference’ – DailyNews Live Farayi Machamire • 12 April 2016

HARARE – Political interference and lack of clear governing policies continue to incapacitate Zimbabwe’s public sector, former Affirmative Action Group (AAG) executive director Davison Gomo has said.

Speaking during a public sector awards ceremony on Friday, Gomo tore into the State-run  companies such as the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) and ZBC, saying such companies are no longer places of empowerment, good service and uprightness but had become a “haven for corruption, dishonesty and inefficiency”.

“Zimra why are people complaining about you? Why all those queues at the border posts? What are you doing there? We have ministers overlooking all these institutions, maybe after all the failure of the public sector is a reflection of government interference in areas where they have no business,” he said.

Gomo said interference by parent ministries in companies such as ZBC is recipe for disaster.

“Should a minister be interfering, telling ZBC what to say and when to say it? I don’t think so.”

The trade and business consultant said his heart bleeds at the state of parastatals, saying taxpayers are bearing the brunt of a system incapacitated by patronage, poor appointment of boards and chief executive officers.

“Taxpayers want to see value for money in all parastatals. Are companies being forced to recruit people from political parties?” queried Gomo.

The consultant, who helped in positioning AAG as a leading black economic empowerment lobby and advocacy group, said the “politics in parastatals is just too much”.

“Zanu PF has enough politics itself so why do we want it in parastatals? We are over politicised let’s take the politics out so that they can work, (and) give professionals room to work.

“I heard that at one big parastatal workers are not getting money but management have a special account where they put some money and they pay themselves from that account…where is your morality?

“…You guys hardly publish any reports at all…do we have clear governance policies in each parastatal? God knows, maybe the prophets know, I don’t know.

“Your constituency in your areas, do they know what you are doing. What about clear criteria of selection of officials into office. We just saw it with Harare City Council, they don’t have clear criteria, they didn’t even know the law, (Local Government minister Saviour) Kasukuwere comes from behind and says you ‘have violated the Urban Council Act, but all those people, act like did they not know the Act, but if they did the right thing what is Kasukuwere doing interfering in the city’s activities?” he questioned.