Tsvangirai to bounce back as huge crowds welcome him

via RadioVop Zimbabwe – Tsvangirai To Bounce Back As Huge Crowds Welcome Him

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has over the past few weeks been “visiting” suburbs in Harare where Zanu PF is known to be perpetrating violence in what analysts say could be a bid to reinvent himself.

Since losing the election to President Robert Mugabe, all has not been well for MDC-T with the party facing the second split in 10 years after former secretary-general Tendai Biti and deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma left to form their own party.

In three of his visits, in Budiriro, Hopley Farm and Epworth, Tsvangirai has proved that he still has the support of the people despite losing to Zanu PF’s Mugabe in the last election that he claims were rigged.

On all these visits, Tsvangirai exposed the amount of fear caused by Zanu PF in suburbs.

The MDC-T leader also came face-to-face with the poverty the people are grappling with. In Epworth, he expressed shock at the huge number of young people that came to attend his rallies during working hours when they should be at work.

“The question that I ask is: What is this whole group of people doing here on a weekday when you are supposed to be at work?” Tsvangirai asked rhetorically.
His message remained the same, however, throughout most of his visits, that Mugabe’s time to rule Zimbabwe was over and that he must now go.
“Zanu PF has failed. We now need a new direction that comes with the MDC programme,” Tsvangirai said.
In Budiriro, Tsvangirai attracted huge followers who chanted his name as he toured the markets past a Zanu PF terror base where he was verbally abused by Zanu PF youths.
From there, he went to Hopley Farm, a disorderly settlement on the southern periphery of Harare.
There, he questioned medical staff at a local clinic over allegations that they discriminated against known MDC-T supporters.
His latest visit was in Epworth where he addressed party supporters whom he urged to remain strong and continue working for change, which he said was definitely coming and in a peaceful manner.
Tsvangirai’s tours have, however, sparked debate over their usefulness, given that he had lost a lot of political mileage since his defeat in polls by Mugabe in the 2013 elections.
Political analyst Takura Zhangazha said that like any politician, Tsvangirai was right to engage the poor people who were in the majority, but said it was not enough to engage in “meet the people tours” without a clear message and plan.

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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    Sarah 9 years ago

    A monumental waste of time – cheap politicking – he can express shock and horror but what is his solution – he hasn’t got one. Mugabe must go – sure – whats the plan – there isn’t one

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      ZANU scotched earth policy is to blame, bit I find it strange that you blame Morgen for Zanu’s failure to deliver.
      As fat as you are concerned, its a waste of time, but to the people who attended voluntarily , its value adding.
      Mugabe promised 2.2 million new jobs, when are these jobs going to be delivered, how about clean water, zesa, roads(like the ones we used during Ian Smith rule, hospitals and health services, trains, public transport (like the Salisbury United Omnibus), functioning banks, universities, etc

      Maireva nhema muri kuMaputo muchiti ‘tichagutsa munhu wise movufumi bwe Zimbabwe, does that ring a bell? If I may ask, where are the diamonds. Shame, shame on you, therefore what’s wrong with Tansvingirai meeting the willing adults, who for that matter are not bribed or coerced to attend a meeting . Svodai vo, kugocha kunoda kwa Mai, Ko mwana kunodzima.

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    chimusoro 9 years ago

    A complete arsehole!

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    Mixed Race 9 years ago

    Mr M Tsvangirai’s naive and misguided statement always surprise me.He asks these youths an obvious question but he forgets that he had four years chance to help these guys whilst he was in the ill-formed GNU,instead he spent vital time chancing ladies and doing out of courts settlements costing a lot of money.That monedy could have crated more jobs for these youths.These are the same youths who switch over to the ruling party as soon as they are given a few dollars to spend on beer and other useless activities just a few days before an election.
    Do not be fooled by these illiterate youths who have short sights and have lost hope in life.When you meet them and try to talk to them you realise that they have been heavily brainwashed and have no plans for a better future.
    They come to these meetings expecting to get something from his party because the ruling party only needs them during elections.In short the one who has money in this country wins the election because Zimbabweans can be bought easily with a few dollars.
    This disease has filtered down to the churches because Zimbabweans suffer from dependence syndrome and love for money and expensive items.It is a country with very low morale standards and self discipline.

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    How does one get rid of a dictator in the SADDAM-PUTIN-KIM mould, that old bobo, is?
    Tough question.
    Certainly one doesn’t hobnob with the said, like some-would-be opposition leaders are doing and thereby misleading the masses.

    The youth of Zim are indeed, a confused lot.
    Same can be said of the rest of Zimbos, unfortunately.
    Otherwise, how can they take their eyes off the nasty enemy, ZANU?

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    mark longhurst 9 years ago

    you two decrepid little thieves , you are heading for hell, this is not Zanubobwe…the people will have their country back..