‘Rebel’ war veterans’ leaders’ trial date set

THE trial of five war veterans’ leaders, accused of undermining President Robert Mugabe’s authority after they allegedly authored a communiqué calling on the Zanu PF leader to step down, is set to run between November 22 and 30 this year.

Source: ‘Rebel’ war veterans’ leaders’ trial date set – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 18, 2016


The trial date was announced yesterday, when the suspects appeared before Harare magistrate, Bianca Makwande for routine remand.

The suspects, who are all executive members of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association, were implicated as the brains behind the damning communiqué released on July 21, which eventually led to their expulsion from Zanu PF.

They are war veterans’ secretary-general, Victor Matemadanda, spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya, vice-chairman, Headman Moyo, political commissar, Francis Nhando, and Harare executive member, Hoyini Samuel Bhila.

They are represented by Harrison Nkomo and Beatrice Mtetwa.

Soon after the announcement of the trial dates, the former fighters’ supporters broke into song and dance, chanting: The truth is about to come out.

Audrey Chogumaira appeared for the State


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    Yes, lets hope the O-vets now know the truth & will tell us. Some of us still doubt their knowledge of truth having witnessed the way they sold of their own rights & the those of all other Zimbabweans to one family. Especially, from the time they were bribed or bought by a few ounce of silver (Z$50k of course). From there on they totally lost their heads, submitted & projected themselves as the most trusted “wives” of the one and only man in zanu pf.