Renamo actions force Agriterra to wind down cattle ranches

London (AIM) – The Guernsey-based trading company Agriterra on Thursday announced that actions by armed militias belonging to the Mozambican rebel movement Renamo have led to it destocking cattle on its ranches in central Mozambique.

Source: Renamo actions force Agriterra to wind down cattle ranches – The Zimbabwean 24.6.2016

Agriterra is an agricultural company with maize and beef operations in Mozambique. It is based in Manica province but also has operations in Tete province.

The company has released a statement lamenting that “the political and economic environment in Mozambique has deteriorated during the course of 2016 and local Renamo militias are now entrenched in some rural areas in the Manica province, where the Company’s three farms are located”.

It added that “the decision has been made to destock these farms in order to protect the value of the herd during a period in which there is an increased possibility of livestock theft and an increased risk in the movement of people and goods in the country”.

The three farms in Mavonde, Dombe, and Inhazonia, currently hold four thousand cattle. Over the next ten months, the company will transfer them to its facility in Vanduzi for fattening and slaughter.

The company is hopeful that “the political situation in Mozambique will stabilise, permitting the farms to be redeveloped as cattle ranching farms”.

Renamo’s ambushes on traffic in central Mozambique have had a serious effect on the country’s economy, contributing to rising inflation. It is also having a direct influence on employment with the decision of Agriterra to wind down its operations inevitably leading to local job losses.


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    Ndonga 6 years ago

    If Mugabe and his gang of thieves don’t go soon, a Renamo type situation will also completely destroy Zimbabwe.

    But wait, on reflection we have already no cattle farms or other types of productive farms, or even any other worthwhile productive activity left to be destroyed.

    Our political system of the WINNER TAKES ALL (and poverty and suffering for the rest) after elections is the cause of all the problems in Mozambique…and in Zimbabwe as well, if the truth is told, and in many other countries in our beloved Africa.