Renamo gunmen kill six Cheringoma

Maputo (AM) – Gunmen from the opposition party Renamo on Friday killed six people when they ambushed a car at Nangue, in the district of Cheringoma, in the central Mozambican province of Sofala.

Source: Renamo gunmen kill six Cheringoma – The Zimbabwean 15.08.2016

The gunmen shot at the car and brought it to a standstill. The vehicle was then set on fire with the six occupants still inside.

According to police spokesperson Daniel Macuacua, the car was driving between Marromeu and Caia when it was attacked. He added that, by the time that the police arrived on the scene, the car was completely burned out with six carbonised bodies inside.

Macuacua stated that local residents confirmed that they had heard shooting but had not investigated out of fear for their safety.

He revealed that the attack took place close to Chissadze 2 where a Renamo gang had recently attacked and burned a vehicle belonging to the National Social Welfare Institute


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    Hingwe 6 years ago

    If it is true that he won elections in the Provinces he claims he won, why do not they let him rule in those States. Than have innocent people being killed because of Power Hungry individuals.

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    Bruno Peni 6 years ago

    Is Mozambique a country or a chieftainship country. Why would people want to divide a country and why support a man who is killing than a person who is not. This will never end as long the country does not hold as a unit, indeed divided they will fall and it will be another Somalia.

    Killing innocent people for the same of wanting to rule is bad as a devil himself.

    I cry for when African can realize that receding back to indigenous life where kingdoms strived will not get us anywhere.

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    It was not renamo it was Frelimo the victims that didn’t die have confirmed this