Renewal Team rebrands, changes name

via Renewal Team rebrands, changes name – NewZimbabwe 16/07/2015

MDC Renewal Team say they are set to adopt a new name (People’s Democratic Party) with a view to giving the electorate “confidence” ahead of the 2018 national election.

“We need a new narrative that gives people of Zimbabwe hope and confidence and we need a sellable brand name and People’s Democratic Party is gaining traction and this is going to happen in August,” spokesperson Jacob Mafume told in an interview Thursday.

The Renewal Team fragmented from the MDC-T last year in April after accusing the leader of the movement, Morgan Tsvangirai of acting like President Robert Mugabe on leadership and succession issues.

The party further disintegrated last month after one of its founders Elton Mangoma quit to form his own outfit.

“We are also going to take the opportunity of the National Convention to launch our much awaited economic policy-a Holistic Program for Economic Transformation (HOPE) which is a real life changing economic policy as opposed to that of the clueless Zanu PF leadership’s ZIMASSET,” said Mafume.

He however dismissed reports that there was infighting within his party, saying their main enemy is Zanu PF.

Sources within the Renewal Team said there is discontent in the party following revelations that the interim leadership had banned internal elections. reported this week that Samuel Sipepa Nkomo told members that the party preferred what they called “cadre deployment” as opposed to elections.

But sources warned that the party might further disintegrate as “many” are contemplating approaching the MDC-T and “kneel down” for forgiveness.

This week a member of the Renewal Team Settlement Chikwinya suggested to that was it not because of Mangoma’s selfish interests and betrayal they would not have left Tsvangirai.


  • comment-avatar
    HOKOTI 7 years ago

    No matter how flowery your name may appear no matter pragmatic your objectives might look the truth is that as Zimbabweans we are sick and tired of these small opposition parties .What we need is one grand united opposition party. If you are serious about making an impact in politics please use your energy towards uniting the various opposition parties.

    • comment-avatar
      Genzo 7 years ago

      With greediness it’s very difficult to see that through. Until we get a genuine person of the calibre of yesteryear nationalist,we stay doomed and poorer and as failed beyond Somalia.Its all cheap talk.

  • comment-avatar
    Woundedbaffallo 7 years ago

    Mapererwa machinda zviiko zvamakutiitira izvi, you are now out of ideas PDP kwakutozotonga nyika

  • comment-avatar
    boutros 7 years ago

    Banning internal elections, themselves a key feature of any democracy, but go on to call yourself Peoples Democratic Party??? My foot!