Respect election results: Mnangagwa

Source: Respect election results: Mnangagwa – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 30, 2016

CHIRUMHANZu-ZIBAGWE legislator Auxillia Mnangagwa (Zanu PF) has called on fellow politicians to shun violence and respect the voice of the electorate.


Addressing a rally at Nyikavanhu growth point in Mvuma on Friday, Mnangagwa, who is a member of the Zanu PF politburo, said: “We have seen people fighting over political issues and losers wanting to divide the party and nation over a loss. Let’s stop violence. Let’s respect the voice of the electorate and if you lose an election, retreat and do a self-introspection to find out what it is you got wrong and correct it.”

She later donated medical equipment, including a clinic bed, wheelchair and clutches to a local clinic, where she rapped burglars for stealing a solar panel at the health facility.

“I am sure the thieves are not coming from Harare or Gweru. They are coming from here and how do you steal from an institution that is there to save your life?” she asked.

Through a development committee she set in ward 15, Mnangagwa organised a security team, which has been tasked to guard the clinic and nursing staff quarters.

Nyikavanhu Clinic is a key primary health care centre in the area, catering for 3 900 people.