Retired cleric urges youths to take govt head-on

Retired cleric urges youths to take govt head-on

Source: Retired cleric urges youths to take govt head-on – NewsDay Zimbabwe June 16, 2017

MUTARE-BASED retired cleric Sebastian Bakare has urged unemployed and impoverished youth can only improve their fortunes by taking head-on the Zanu PF government through demonstrations and other democratic means.


Bakare told NewsDay on Wednesday that even if it meant to be beaten by the “repressive” government, youth should stand their ground.

Referring to President Robert Mugabe’s rally today at Sakubva Stadium in Mutare, he said some people were still “foolish enough’’ to be frog-marched to attend Zanu PF rallies where they were brainwashed with empty promises.

“It’s not good all the time to be told about the future because all the time the youth are being given empty promises. Last time they promised that they were going to create 2,2 million jobs,” Bakare said.

“How long should people accept such empty promises? I am very sure that President Robert Mugabe knows very well that Mutare and Zimbabwe at large is suffering from high unemployment. I blame people who are intimidated and herded to the Zanu PF rallies like cattle to a dip tank. Surely an intelligent person should say no. If it means being beaten, they should be beaten than to be forcemarched when you do not want.”

He said in a democratic society people should be persuaded and not forced to attend political rallies.

“Youth should demonstrate against anyone who wants to take away their rights,” Bakare said.

He said there was not going to be a miracle for the current generation unless they took to the streets.

“For miracles to happen, they should start to do something. God does not work in a vacuum, do the little and God will do the rest. Before people start to think it may take some generations to change the situation in Zimbabwe, the youth in the country should start to think seriously. I know many youths aged around 30 years, surely they will reach 60 years unemployed if they continue to listen to these politicians with empty promises.”

Bakare said the government in future would struggle to contain old people who have never worked.

“Zimbabwe is going to have a lot of old people who are poor, our economy will not raise enough money for social welfare to sustain the number of old people who never worked.

MDC-T youth leader Happymore Chidziva said they supported Bakare’s remarks, adding the government was failing to connect with the current generation.

“We have already started the revolution. Last year, we had demonstrations. By the end of this month we are going to have demonstrations and we support what Bishop Bakare is saying,” he said.

People’s Democratic Party youth president Tatenda Chigwada said the country won independence through a revolution and youths should take the same route to dislodge Zanu PF from power.

But Zanu PF Manicaland youth leader Mubuso Chinguno has already indicated they were ready to take up arms against people who demonstrate against Mugabe.