Rising murder cases worry police

Source: Rising murder cases worry police – DailyNews Live

Farayi Machamire      5 July 2017

HARARE – Police have expressed alarm at the spiking murder cases which in
some cases, are being fuelled by binge drinking and minor disputes.

Police spokesperson Charity Charamba vowed to end the killings that have
scaled well over 20 every month.

She told the Daily News that close to 20 people were killed in separate
murder cases countrywide in the month of June alone, many over what should
be normally inconsequential quarrels.

“As the ZRP, we are noting a trend of murder cases where trivial
misunderstandings arise and people end up killing each other for minor

“We are calling on the public to exercise restraint whenever they
experience disputes with friends, relatives or strangers.

“No one should take the law into their own hands . . . let us strive to
resolve all disputes in a peaceful manner and remember it is only God who
can take away human life,” said Charamba.

“The police will continue to conduct awareness campaigns and in the same
vein encourage couples and individuals to exercise retrain when faced with
disagreements,” she added.

Charamba said the police was particularly concerned with the increase in
beer-fuelled murders.

On June 13, a woman and her step mother were involved in a brawl on their
way home from a drinking spree, leading to a fight that later saw the
woman stabbing her step mother.

Meanwhile, police have launched a manhunt for a Chipinge man who allegedly
burnt his two children to death and left his third child battling for

Fashion Mupakati, 44, has been on the run since June 30.

“The accused had a misunderstanding with his wife, sometime in May 2017
and the wife went away leaving the children in the custody of her husband.

“Then on 30 June around 21:00 hours, Prisca Tom, a female adult in
Chipinge, a neighbour to the accused, discovered the accused’s house on

“She rushed to the scene, and then heard a child crying. She alerted other
neighbours and they broke in and rescued one of the victims, but they
observed that he had deep wounds on the head but had not been burnt.

“The fire escalated and the neighbours failed to rescue the eight-year-old
and the five-year-old,” said Charamba.