SA embassy staff in bribery storm

Source: SA embassy staff in bribery storm | The Herald May 26, 2017

Herald Reporter
Zimbabweans seeking work or study permits in South Africa have called for the censure of two South African embassy officials, whom they accuse of demanding bribes to process their permits. The two were identified as Mrs Grace Segkole and a Mr Malebogo. Some of the victims of the alleged corruption, who spoke to The Herald said the two officials should either be reassigned or relieved of their duties.

“I got a job in South Africa, but my employers said I should first obtain a permit from the South African embassy here in Zimbabwe,” said the a source who refused to be named for fear of reprisals.

“I then applied for a permit here and my papers were not processed on time. It was after my interaction with Ms Segkole that I was advised that I should pay something to them for my papers to be processed.

“I paid my money and within a week my papers were processed. I later on discovered that I was not alone in this situation, but other Zimbabweans, whom I met in South Africa testified that they also paid bribes for their papers to be processed.

“I thought I should highlight this so that corrective measures are taken.”

Another affected person said she failed to raise the money that was asked for as a kick-back to have her papers processed.

“I got a vacant to study at a university in Johannesburg, but I missed that opportunity after failing to raise the money that was being demanded by two of the embassy staff,” she said.

“I submitted all the required paperwork at the embassy, but nothing was processed until I was told that I should pay a token to the people who were supposed to process my papers.

“This is clear corruption and I fear if I mention my name they may blacklist me and when I want to apply for another permit they will deny my application. I urge the responsible authorities to investigate this matter.”

South African embassy’s Counsellor (Political) Mr Linda Masso said in an interview that they would investigate the matter if people brought forward evidence of the alleged corruption.

“We want evidence that can enable us to take action,” he said. “We have not heard of that, but if you do not have names of people attesting that they have been asked to pay bribes it will be difficult for us to investigate.

“As an embassy we cannot be part to that story when there is no evidence.”

Mr Masso said there was a local employee, who was fired on account of corruption and it was important to do through investigations on the matter.


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    Please write a comment about the problems you had when applying for your visa. You’re forced to pay VFS more than R1000 to take your application and hand it to the Embassy. What service do you expect for this service fee? We would like to bring problems you experienced under the authority’s attention: @VisaToSAfrica #SAVisaMonopoly (PS: No, You can not be blacklisted or denied a visa if you complain about the service!)