SAITH unveils a helicopter

via SAITH unveils a helicopter – NewsDay Zimbabwe July 22, 2015 by Tarisai Mandizha

SAITH Technology has unveiled its latest technologies including an electric car and hybrid helicopter, but said it was waiting government approval to sell the products.

Speaking at the official unveiling of SAITH Technologies in Harare yesterday, founder and inventor Sangulani Max Chikumbutso said the government had shown interest in the hybrid helicopter which can be used by the army, police patrol, surveying and border patrols among others.

“This event means that we are now ready for the market and as we are now showing our technologies to the whole world,” he said.

“. . ., we are waiting to be licensed by government to be able to start moving our products around the country.”

Chikumbutso said three companies which were the world’s largest car manufacturers were after his electric vehicle technology.
He said he was humbled from being a Form 2 drop out to becoming one of the world inventors for the green power machine and electric vehicle among others.

The hybrid helicopter runs on six different fuels without making any adjustments on the engine while the fully powered electric vehicle is powered by a micro-sonic energy device (MSED).

MSED is a renewable with zero emission.

The green power machine is designed to revolutionise the energy sector and is powered by a MSED which generates electrical power by converting high radio frequency energy directly into electricity.

SAITH also launched the SD-HDMI transmitter and receiver for mobile surveillance, which can transmit and receive the wireless high definition video and audio signals from SAITH-HDMI transmitters with high receiving sensitivity.

Speaking at the same event, SAITH Technologies shareholder Teddy Almeida said the company had received so many enquiries from various investors around the world and had sealed a number of deals with other companies.

Almeida said the company was looking forward to working with government in Public-Private-Partnerships apart from other initiatives.

SAITH advisor Farai Katsande said the company was ready to go places and was confident that their products would take the market by storm.

Katsande said Chikumbutso was passionate about Zimbabwe and had plans to build a car manufacturing plant in the country.