Snub Mugabe tour: MDC youths

Source: Snub Mugabe tour: MDC youths – DailyNews Live

Blessings Mashaya      24 April 2017

HARARE – Youths in the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC say long-suffering young
people should snub President Robert Mugabe’s tour of the country’s
provinces as he has nothing to offer them.

Zanu PF recently indicated that the increasingly frail Mugabe would go
around the country’s 10 provinces meeting youths from his Zanu PF party,
but in a statement, MDC youth leader Happymore Chidziva said the
93-year-old strongman has no connection whatsoever with the youth of today
who are yearning for change.

“After realising that the Zimbabwean youths for the first time since
independence, have become more determined to define, secure and defend
their future, the ancient party is now desperately attempting, through
so-called tours to lure the young vote,” Chidziva said.

“I urge the youth to dismiss such senseless electioneering tours meant to
sell another election dummy to the youth. Such trivial approach to the
plight of the youths should not be entertained, especially when it’s
coming from a person whose life situation is there for everyone to see.”

Chidziva said there is nothing to expect from the increasingly frail
nonagenarian leader who failed to fulfil the 2013 election promises.

“It boggles the mind, what exactly will a 93-year-old, a wheelchair-bound
candidate, has to offer a struggling youth in the street? With few months
to the next general elections, Mugabe’s last election promise to the youth
hasn’t been met.

“Mugabe promised over 2,2 million new jobs to the youth in 2013, but has
dismally fulfilled none of it. The MDC youth assembly’s recently launched
#berekamwana tiende campaign, coupled with president Morgan Tsvangirai’s
meet the people national tours have left Zanu PF completely confused,”
said Chidziva

Recently, Zanu PF secretary for youth Kudzanai Chipanga was quoted in the
media saying the tour is meant to mobilise youths to participate in the
political, social and economic activities of the country.

“The objective of the meetings is in line with our party’s constitution
where we have a responsibility to mobilise youths to participate in the
political, social and economic activities of the country.

“He is our candidate for the 2018 general elections and as the youth
league, we have been clear and consistent that we want him to be life
president,” Chipanga said

However, the combative Chidziva said Mugabe was forced into action by
Tsvangirai’s recent tour of the country’s provinces.

“It should not be forgotten that for the past 37 years, Mugabe has been
the sole leader of the country, and has presided over all the incompetence
in government. Then, what will he promise the youths this time around,
which he couldn’t deliver since independence?

Heaping praises on his leader, Chidziva said Mugabe will not match the
pace that has been set by Tsvangirai.

“I also want to dismiss the sudden call for a youth quota by Zanu PF
Manicaland youth chair, as too little too late. Calling for a youth quota
37 years after independence can only be regarded as plagiarism and
reactionary to our youth-oriented policies.”