Speaker reads riot act to rowdy MPs

via Speaker reads riot act to rowdy MPs | The Herald August 27, 2015 by Lloyd Gumbo

Members of Parliament who sing in Parliament in ululation or protest face suspension for the rest of the session, National Assembly Speaker Advocate Jacob Mudenda has ruled.

Adv Mudenda said MPs must instead express themselves through formal debate.

The Speaker, who has already banned singing in the House reiterated the position on Tuesday after President Mugabe’ State of the Nation Address when legislators from both zanu-pf and MDC-T broke into songs soon after his address.

zanu-pf MPs rose and started singing “Nyatsoteerera unzwe kutonga” prompting their MDC-T counterparts to sing; “Zanu yaora baba”.

They also chanted “Save! Save!” with zanu-pf MPs responding by chanting “Gushungo! Gushungo!”

It took a few minutes before the Speaker restored order after resuming his seat.

“I want to remind honourable members that we did ban the issue of singing,” said Adv Mudenda.

“I hope this would be the last time that we exercise our voices in song.

“It is not necessary at all. Once we identify the leader of that song, do not be surprised that you are suspended, perhaps up to the whole session of Parliament and that has got serious consequences in terms of your standing here in Parliament.

“So I want to appeal to you that, let us restrain ourselves, no matter what the message, no matter where the message is coming from, there will be time for us to debate.”

Adv Mudenda banned singing in Parliament in September last year after MPs from across the political divide started singing.

He declared then: “In terms of Standing Order Number 77, I wish to say that while it is permissible to sing in the House, the singing should not degenerate into disorderly manner in the House and where there is likelihood of insulting songs.

That is not permissible and so in the future, I shall not allow any songs in Parliament.”