Stop being a cry baby: Lumumba tells Mugabe

VIVA Zimbabwe leader, William Gerald Mutumanje, popularly known as Acie Lumumba, yesterday again tore into President Robert Mugabe

Source: Stop being a cry baby: Lumumba tells Mugabe – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 12, 2016


Lumumba, who filed an application challenging the criminal insult charges he is facing, said “the strong man” should stop “wailing” or sending the State to “wail” on his behalf following his alleged slur at him and accept it as part of political drama.

He made the remarks while making his second application for the matter to be referred to the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) after his former lawyer, Ashiel Mugiya, renounced agency. Being led by his new lawyer, Zvikomborero Chadambuka, Lumumba was asked why he felt the case should be referred to the ConCourt, to which he responded: “This charge is an infringement of my constitutional rights and I want the Constitutional Court to strike off the section under which I am being charged.

“This section of the law lacks fairness because it protects the President at the expense of the citizens; it is not even clear how it is supposed to be applied.

“The President is an employee accountable to people’s scrutiny and we cannot, surely, have a law applicable to one person and not to another.”

The former Zanu PF activist also told the court that his remarks should be supported rather than be criticised.

“What I am alleged to have said must be encouraged and supported … I only used a strong word, a strong and dramatic expression,” he said.

Lumumba told the court at one point Mugabe, himself, uttered serious remarks, but went on to explain them as a political joke.

“In 1979, he was interviewed by one Angly Cartter. He was with his wife Sally and Carter directed a question at his wife, asking how she felt when people commented about her husband. He (Mugabe) hijacked his wife’s response and said this is politics and in politics one must develop shock absorbers. He went on to say a good imperialist was a dead one. He did not think this comment would not incite violence and instead said it was an expression of political drama. In this regard, Mugabe should stop wailing or send the State to wail on his behalf. I have full regard of the law and what applies on me should apply on him,” Lumumba said.

The case was postponed to next Tuesday, when prosecutor, Oscar Madhume is expected to respond and cross-examine Lumumba.

Magistrate Vakai Chikwekwe is presiding over the case.


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