Students call for an attack on SA firms

via Students call for an attack on SA firms – NewZimbabwe 17 April 2015

ZIMBABWE National Students Union (Zinasu) president Gilbert Mutubuki has called on Zimbabwean youths to retaliate against xenophobic violence in South Africa by attacking South African businesses operating in Zimbabwe.

Zinasu is Zimbabwe’s largest students body which represents thousands of students at all universities and colleges across the country.

At least five people have been killed-including a teenager – and 46 people have been arrested since the violence flared in Isipingo, outside Durban on Friday in South Africa. Around 7 000 people of different nationalities are living in tents provided by the provincial government for those displaced by the violence.

Addressing journalists in Harare after an anti-xenophobia demonstration organised by Zimbabwe civic society groups at the South African Embassy, Mutubuki said it was high time the country’s youths retaliated by attacking South African businesses operating in Zimbabwe such as Pick n Pay and others.

“Right now we have South African businesses such as Pick n Pay operating freely here, but our brothers are being butchered in South Africa. Today in the morning, South African students  at  the University of  Zimbabwe were having  breakfast freely  in the  dining hall, but our  sisters and  brothers are getting  killed. It’s high time we should do the same to all South African businesses here until they stop all this nonsense,” said an angry Mutubuki.

Mutubuki’s call came after over 300 Zimbabwe human rights and civic society activists demonstrated at the South African embassy located in the Belgravia area in Harare this morning.

The protesters were denouncing King Goodwill Zwelithini and President Jacob Zuma son Edward, accusing the two of sparking the xenophobic violence in South Africa. There were also waving placards  inscribed  with messages  like “South Africa  is  not island and should stop this nonsense” and “Stop it, South Africa”, “Africa is home to all” among others.

The demonstrators also handed over a petition to South African Embassy officials.

The protesters were later dispersed by heavily armed Zimbabwe police.

Some of the South African business operating in Zimbabwe include Pick n Pay, Edgars and Standard Bank among others.

South Africa, with a population of about 50 million, is home to an estimated five million immigrants. Over one million Zimbabweans are believed to be living in South Africa as economic or political refugees.


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    tapiwa 7 years ago

    so if you attack the south africans in zimbabwe and they futher retaliate, who do you think have more to lose. Do you honestly think if the South Africans sent back all the Zimbabweans there and Zimbabweans stopped trading with South Africa, you honestly think the south africans would be worried. No I dont’ think so, before you that think carefully

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      Unbiased 7 years ago

      Retaliating in this manner just puts you at the same level as those attackers in SA. If you want to retaliate you might as well go to SA and deal directly with the attackers. Surely I expect better reasoning from students. Besides we still need more SA businesses in the country for jobs.

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    toperasu chirandu 7 years ago

    Are we going to respond to this barbarism with barbaric incidents of our own. Who loses? An overview analysis says Zimbabwe has over a million people in SA, some say up to 5 million. SA has a couple of thousands in Zimbabwe. Do the maths. As to companies – well we import pretty much everything from SA or through SA including internet. Do the maths makafunda imi. If the SA government were to encourage Xenophobia, we will have a genocide of mostly Zimbabwean victims and our bare economy will shut down. 2008 will be heaven compared to what will ensue. If Zimbabweans are as educated as they claim to be, then an intelligent solution should be pursued, otherwise you will be pursuing another knee jerk solution like driving farmers of the land– popular but short sighted. Our long term survival does not call for war with SA. Most of these students, in this demo with these stupid suggestions, will end up working in SA or are being supported by money from SA. Go figure.

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    Nintalan 7 years ago

    This Gilbert Mutubuki has lived under Zanu-PF too long. Instead of addressing the real cause he looks for an easy scapegoat. His reaction is lazy and dangerous.

    Instead these students should be telling Mugabe that he has failed all the people forced into economic exile in South Africa, and to move aside pronto!

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      Kevin 7 years ago

      Gilbert Mutubuki is an idiot. Somewhere in Zimbabwe there is a village looking for him as their village idiot has gone missing. The way to get the South African Government to confront xenophobia is put pressure on the Government in South Africa not companies whose executives are almost universally against the SA Government.

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    wonder 7 years ago

    What kind of a leader are you so shallow minded that you stand and talk such nonsense. What do you achieve by such actions.Please stand down resign as student leader and l wonder how you were selected. These xenophobic attacks simply show something is not right somewhere in term of our top leadership both here and south Africa. Mugabe was in SA last week at the height of these attacks did ever say anything and what of his worshiper Jacob Zuma. They are leaders they should have put this issue on top of their agenda. But look what they debate about, statue of Ceicel Rhodes. They want to delete history. How will the future generations learn about the colonization era when we destroy concrete evedence

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    Jona Amedza Hove 7 years ago

    Please don’t be so foolish. Did you even spared dome moments to think before you waffled. We are Zimbabweans and we don’t solve problems that way.

  • comment-avatar
    Reverand 7 years ago

    Great to see mature comments. It is obvious that this mutubuki guy is of an evil criminal mind like the ones who orchestrated gukurahundi etc.

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    Petal 7 years ago

    The big question is who incited this and the perpetrators should be brought to book The very top person of UNCHR should fly to SA and the army does not seem to be brought in to This incident should not be happening in a civilized world

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    Who works at these SA stores in Zimbabwe? ZIMBABWEANS!!! We have massive unemployment and you want to kill the job potential of the ZIMBABWEANS that are fending for their families in ZIMBABWE? What is the matter with you? If this country was running at full potential those ZIMBABWEANS scattered world wide would be home with their families not living out of Zim trying to maintain those they love. Your head,your nose and your politics are so out of touch with the people that your only answer is more chaos? No wonder more and more young ZIMBABWEANS are looking else where. You are and archaic in your outlook and beliefs. Violence begets more violence? Engage your brain before throwing stones – as they say – those in glass houses should not throw stones – Gilbert Mutubuki – the glass is cracking around you. Take cover!! Those who kill by the sword – die by the sword!!

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      Kevin 7 years ago

      The way to get the South African Government to confront xenophobia is put pressure on the Government in South Africa not companies whose executives are almost universally against the SA Government.

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    maverickzw 7 years ago

    As with other commentators the call to arms by the UZ student body just ensures continuing conflict. Do they really think that attacking SA owned businesses in Zimbabwe is going to threaten the Zulus, do you really think that xenophobia in SA would cease because of a few UZ students. Is it not time for someone to exhibit some maturity and look for constructive ways to resolve rather than destructive.

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    Tendai 7 years ago

    Mutubuki, you want to attack Pick & Pay so you can loot? Shame on you. What a shallow-minded “leader”. When are you actually leaving the College that you attend? Haven’t you been a student there for more than 3 years now?

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    Question to thinking being!!!!! South Africans kill foreigners. Where is Itai-Dzamara? Where is the thought for his family????? so much shouting about what goes on outside of our borders – what about what goes on within our borders??? Murder is murder no matter the Nationality or locality. Make noise to take focus off what is going on in ZIMBABWE!! In our back door but lets put the focus out of here – Gilbert??? Such a HERO!!!

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    Twit! Do you think that the people responsible for the violence have any business interests?

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    I have got to second Edna.
    Where the f””k is Itai?
    And these people are prepared to fight for their jobs in SA but not in Zim?
    What is wrong with us Zimbos?
    Quite happy to face the Limpopo crocodiles and the hostile Zulus?

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    Prof. 7 years ago

    Can someone please expel that boy from whatever University he is at! We have the highest literacy rate in Africa, so please check how and who gave the to occupy a valuable student place.

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    Jaluo 7 years ago

    I thought someone who is a president of zinasu will be educated enough to know that we are importing more from South Africa than they are importing from us.
    You attack their companies, they will close down and what happens to the workers? They go down to South Africa to be killed.
    This guy should think like a grown up not like a pre school pupil.
    The causes of xenophobia is lack of employment in Zim and you want to close down the few companies left because they are South african! What a stupid thinking.

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    Give him away in a ransom deal in exchange for Dzamara!So that we never hear such nonsence from him and his likes again.

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    Msizeni silwelani 7 years ago

    I have always doubted the education system in our country. Judging by some comments on this subject i believe am right. I have always blamed the system of producing individualistic graduates who belive in soft power. Anything radical is viewed unlearned. ‘The Marchents Of Venice’.

    You negotiate with a group or people who do understand the essence of dialogue. When they attacked our brothers one wonders if ever they did some research on the possible effects of their action or it was simple them versu Africa and never cared. Destruction is what they understand. An attack on a couple of S.A firms will jerk their government into action. Simple put you cannot dialogue with some one who doesn’t value office settlements.

    I agree with the young student leader calling for a street solution. That is the curriculum South Africans know and embrace. As of ripple effects, already more than 70 people have died due to barbaric attacks on foreigners since 2008, whats there to protect? By the way no one has been held responsible. Let it be Africa versus S.Africa if need be.

    • comment-avatar
      makoni 7 years ago

      If u have to be as ‘tough’ as u sound, then go to Zululand & attack…not here in Zimbabwe! It makes no sense to try and intimidate SA government into action by attacking pik n pay & if u cant c why its nonsensical, then… I say nothing more!