Tajamuka activist abducted, tortured

Suspected State security agents on Tuesday night abducted Tajamuka/Sesjikile campaigner, Silvanos Mudzvova (38), from his Crowborough home, accusing him of pushing hard to unsettle the Zanu PF government

Source: Tajamuka activist abducted, tortured – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 15, 2016


The gun-toting assailants tortured the activist with sharp objects and an electric gadget which they placed on several parts of his body, including his genitals.

Mudzvova is acting Tajamuka spokesperson following the incarceration of Promise Mkwananzi, who was released on bail yesterday following his arrest over three weeks ago on charges of public violence.

The heavily-injured Mudzvova told NewsDay from his hospital bed at a private clinic in Harare yesterday that the assailants threatened to round up and deal ruthlessly with all Tajamuka leaders.

He said the gun-wielding men even threatened his wife by cocking their guns, as she sought to understand what was going on.

“They came to my place at around 10:45pm. When they arrived, they pounded the door with stones and it ran into my mind that it might be State-sponsored militia. They kept on hitting the door until it gave in,” Mudzvova said.

“Due to the force they were applying, both the door and the doorframe came out. I was with my family and I realised that if I resisted they would harm them.

“After gaining entry, they blindfolded me with a sackcloth and dragged me to their vehicle before driving off to Nharira Hills Farm B. I am asthmatic and by that time, I had challenges breathing.”

Mudzvova said his abductors wanted to know how the campaign was mobilising people against the government. He said they also wanted to know who was funding them.

The activist said they continuously cocked their guns in his ears to intimidate him.

“I told them I didn’t know anything concerning their inquiries, but they would have none of it. They told me to stop playing games, as they were on a mission. They connected two vibrators with an electrical shock on my legs, while assaulting me with a sharp object,” Mudzvova said.

“They asked me about Tajamuka’s source of funds, but I told them there were no funds to talk about and more so, I only deal with the information department. They also asked about information pertaining to our meetings and for the specific places where we met.

“They knew about our meetings, but they just wanted me to confirm and clarify on certain issues, as they tried to link Tajamuka to many people, including foreign journalists,” he said, adding that they were also unhappy they had failed to track Tajamuka leaders’ mobile phones.

Among the allegations, Mudzvova said his abductors were linking Tajamuka to the National Transitional Authority fronted by academic, Ibbo Mandaza.

During the assault, a group of people showed up and asked what was happening, Mudzvova narrated.

“That is when they took out an injection and threatened to finish me off. They removed the sack and injected me. Those people, whose voices we were hearing, drew closer and asked why there were so many cars in the bush,” he said.

“At that point, my abductors cocked their guns and threatened to shoot anyone who moved closer to where we were, but those people stood their ground, claiming they were soldiers and were not afraid of guns. They fired one shot into the air and the people ran in different directions. However, my abductors left hastily, maybe thinking I was going to die from that injection.”

Mudzvova said the well-wishers, who had previously claimed to be soldiers, later returned in their numbers to check on the situation and assisted him to go to hospital.

He said he was unfazed by the attack, as he knew that State security agents were coming for Tajamuka leaders.

Efforts to get a comment from the police yesterday were fruitless.