Tajamuka leaders arrested ahead of ‘grand’ demo

POLICE yesterday disrupted a Tajamuka/Sesijikile-organised street Press conference and arrested two of its leaders Promise Mkwananzi and Mehluli Dube ahead of tomorrow’s demonstration against the government’s decision to introduce bond notes.

Source: Tajamuka leaders arrested ahead of ‘grand’ demo – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 29, 2016


The Press conference was supposed to be addressed at the corner of Jason Moyo Avenue and Julius Nyerere Way, but was later moved to a shop veranda because of rain.

Before the Press conference, baton-wielding police details had sealed off the area, ordering passers-by to keep away or risk getting caught up in their operation.

Although other Tajamuka leaders fled, police swooped on the pair as hordes of people fled in different directions to avoid being caught up in the melee.

In his statement, Mkwananzi said they were starting a season of un-governability on the Zanu PF-led government.
“We call upon the government to step down immediately and allow for an inclusive political settlement as soon as it is practically possible,” he said.

“They failed dismally, not only on the issue of bond notes, but on various other issues, which we have noted in our 10-point plan of action. We, therefore, state our total rejection of the criminal currency and the entire Zanu PF government that brought the abject poverty and the suffering of our people.”

Mkwananzi said they had since informed the police of their demonstration and hoped the law enforcement agents would co-operate with them as per constitutional requirements.

He said all members and youth assemblies of political parties, youth organisations and formations and citizens in general would join the push to force Mugabe out of power to pave way for an all-inclusive government.

“November 30 marks the beginning of political un-governability. Tajamuka will be conducting demonstrations across the country until the issues we are highlighting have been resolved,” he said.

The MDC-T youth assembly has also vowed to shut down the capital tomorrow.

MDC-T youth boss, Happymore Chidziva said they had decided to combine their planned demonstration with Tajamuka’s.

“We have been peacefully engaging our government and the RBZ governor (John Mangudya) through different means on the issue of bond notes and other pointers to economic genocide. We have seen that the government will not listen to its own people, therefore, we have no option expect to just tell them that enough is enough.

“Let (President Robert) Mugabe and his regime know it’s time for defiance. Zimbabweans all over the country must show their anger on 30 November 2016,” he said.


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    Joe Cool 5 years ago

    At least it is now being clearly seen that the new constitution making process was a huge confidence trick on the public. Zanu PF rules – OK?