Tajamuka to intensify anti-govt demos

SOCIAL movement group Tajamuka/Sesijikile has threatened to intensify anti-government demonstrations next year to protest against “unilateral tampering” of the Constitution and the worsening political situation in the country.

Source: Tajamuka to intensify anti-govt demos – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 28, 2016

by Obey Manayiti

Tajamuka, working with other social movements, this year organised a series of street protests that sent the government panicking and resorting to police brutality to crash demonstrations.

In an interview yesterday, Tajamuka spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi said they will up the tempo in 2017 to force the Zanu PF government into reforming.

“2017 is a watershed year. We are going to intensify and scale up the campaign for the immediate resignation of President [Robert] Mugabe and his Zanu PF party,” Mkwananzi said.

“There will definitely be more demonstrations and huge numbers on the streets to force Mugabe out. Mugabe’s purported 2018 candidacy is pure madness on his part and all those in his party who support that madness. It’s clear we cannot entrust the future of this country to imbeciles.”

Tajamuka said it would also apply enormous pressure on opposition parties to form a united front against Zanu PF in the 2018 national elections.

Opposition parties have been trying to come together and field one presidential candidate that will face Zanu PF, but coalition talks scuttled due to bickering and mudslinging against each other.

On the intended constitutional amendment regarding the appointment of a Chief Justice which has become a source of renewed fighting in Zanu PF, Mkwananzi said they will be taking to the streets soon to register their dismay.

“Zanu has lost the national perspective because of factional interests. What are we going to do about what we have already rejected the selection process and the selectors are illegitimate,” he said.

“We can’t twist national institutions and processes to serve individual and factional interests of a political party. We will challenge this both in the streets and legally.”


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    Joe Cool 5 years ago

    Whilst I sympathise with their cause, I haven’t seen much signs of panic by ZanuPF. On the contrary, they appear to have formulated a determined strategy to remain in power.

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    Not a good strategy to forewarn the enemy.