‘Taxpayers fund Mugabe sons’ profligacy’

Source: ‘Taxpayers fund Mugabe sons’ profligacy’ – DailyNews Live

Staff Writer  17 July 2017

HARARE – Tendai Biti’s opposition PDP party is complaining that President
Robert Mugabe’s sons’ debauchery and wild partying are being funded with
taxpayer dollars.

This comes after the two boys – Robert Junior and Chatunga Bellarmine –
have been evicted from a luxury apartment at The Regent apartment hotel,
in Morningside, Sandton that they were renting because of their
“unacceptable behaviour”, according to press reports.

Apartments at the building are rented out for up to R74 000 per month.

“Having such a life on taxpayer’s money is criminal,” PDP said in a

“Our concern is that Mugabe cannot govern, if you cannot control your
family, forget controlling the State and the citizens. Mugabe must just
resign; having him around is a risk to the country degenerating into