The blood of 20 000 beginning to speak

Dabengwa said the truth of Gukurahundi must come out so that the nation can move forward.

Source: The blood of 20 000 beginning to speak – NewsDay Zimbabwe December 24, 2016


Dabengwa was speaking at the Gukurahundi commemorations organised by pressure group, Ibhetshu LikaZulu, at Stanley Hall on Wednesday.

The former Zipra leader, who was jailed during Gukurahundi, said recent claims by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa that he was not responsible for the genocide could be a precursor of many more revelations to come.

“We are living in strange times. Just look at how the perpetrators are now pointing fingers at each other,” he said.

“They have started to expose each other; the evil ones are now exposing each other. This is going to trouble them for a long time to come. The blood of 20 000 people was not shed in vain. They will tell us everything.”

Dabengwa said the truth of Gukurahundi must come out so that the nation can move forward.

“The Chihambakwe Commission report has not been made public. I have every reason to believe that that report is explosive. When I was released from prison I met some people who told me how they fearlessly told the commissioners about their experiences,” he said.

“We can see that those who had a hand in this genocide have now started exposing each other.

Mnangagwa has said he is not responsible for the killings as he was only involved in intelligence work.

He has pointed to [President] Robert Mugabe, [Defence minister] Sydney Sekeramayi and [Air Force Commander Air Marshal] Perrance Shiri.

I am sure the ears of these three are not closed. They heard him. They will respond. The people of Matabeleland should just keep pushing for the truth.”

Dabengwa said the Ibhetshu LikaZulu-organised commemorations have made him understand what could be the value of paying attention to December 22, as a holiday.

“I have never understood what this day means, but today I understand deeply,” he said. “As Zapu, we are quick to dismiss the day and say there is no unity in Zimbabwe. But gathering here today has brought another dimension to my understanding of this day.”

He added: “I have learnt that this is a day to mourn. We will be happy if this pressure group can lead us in teaching the whole nation that on this day everyone must mourn by putting on black. We will see those who are not interested in mourning the 20 000.”

The Ibhetshu LikaZulu secretary-general, Mbuso Fuzwayo, who won a last minute High Court ruling to use the historic Stanley Hall for the meeting, said it was callous of Zanu PF to force everyone to celebrate unity they were not part of.

“Uniting Zanu PF and PF Zapu is something else, and stopping the killing of the people of Matabeleland is another,” he said. “This is no ordinary holiday. It was not brought about by [the late Vice-President] Joshua Nkomo and Mugabe lifting each other’s hands up, but by the blood of the people of Matabeleland and Midlands.

This is not a day for weddings and fun, it is a day of mourning.”

Post-Independence Survival Trust leader Felix Mafa Sibanda said the Unity Day was a non-event to most Zimbabweans.

“It reminds the rest of us genocide, trauma caused by the 5 Brigade/Gukurahundi, where over 20 000 Zimbabweans were butchered in cold blood by the Zanu PF administration. We hold Zanu PF accountable for that dark era and it should never be repeated in a free Zimbabwe,” Sibanda said.


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    Ntaba 5 years ago

    This is correct. The Holiday of 22nd December will be.a holiday to commemorate the 20 000 civilians that Mugabe, Sekeremayi and Shiri caused to be murdered in Matabeleland. It is part of Zimbabwe’s history to show that Zanu had to murder 20 000 civilians to celebrate their power. We must continue to remind the western powers of what they did when they catapulted Mugabe and Zanu into power. Kissinger is still alive to know what he did – just as he thought he was so clever to support Pinochet. Even today we see a genocide in the Phillipines and another in Syria. Zanu’ international mujibas like Scoones also need to be carefully watched.

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      Zhingzhong 5 years ago

      We call upon Mr Dabengwa to call upon Mugabe to make 22 Dec the Gukurahundi remembrance day.
      All Gukurahundists must give a public apology – and they must be named and shamed.
      The Mugabe’s regime is responsible for the deaths/ disappearances of a lot of people including:
      Herbert Chitepo
      Edwin Nleya
      Gen. Solomon Mujuru
      Lookout Masuku
      Alfred Nikita Mangena
      Cain Nkala
      Learnmore Jongwe
      Elliot Manyika
      Zororai Duri
      Brigadier General Paul Gunda
      Moven Mahachi
      Border Gezi
      Chris Ushewokunze
      Susan Tsvangirai
      Itai Dzamara
      Edward Chindori-Chininga ….. to name but a few. The list is endless.

      Why did Mugabe give asylum to evil people the ilks of Mengistu?
      How many Zim military personnel perished in DRC? And what was Zimbabwe fighting for in DRC anyway?
      The nation was never told.
      In the 80s Zanu PF had a one-man-one-farm policy, Ministers had to declare their wealth before assuming office etc ect… is Mugabe following his own rules?
      It all goes to show how evil he was, he is and forever will be.
      hmmm!! I shudder when i think of 88 Manica Rd, the dreaded torture offices of the 80s

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    Ntaba 5 years ago

    There is no rush. 22nd December will become Gukuruhundi Day – in fact it already has. Mugabe should be left out of any debate. Hitler was never part of any form of remembrance for all the people he murdered – so why we would even think of including Mugabe? It is high time that Zanu started to appreciate the sheer magnitude of their beloved Mugabe and their Gukuruhundi. But to ask for them to part of that remembrance is some what premature.

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    Nyoni 5 years ago


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    If 22nd December is used to remember and commemorate the victims of the Gukurahundi, then I shall honor that day with respect.
    On the other hand, if it remains a day to celebrate Mugabe’s cynical and brutal conquest of the Ndebele people, then I shall never honor that day.