Thousands of revenue lost through abuse of regalia

via Thousands of revenue lost through abuse of regalia | The Zimbabwean 28 August 2014

The Zimbabwe Agriculture Society (ZAS) lost unspecified amounts of revenue in gate takings after Zanu (PF) supporters were allowed into the showgrounds for free to boost the crowd supporting President Robert Mugabe.

On Friday, when president Mugabe officially opened the event, party supporters were allowed into the showgrounds for free if they donned party regalia.

The normal charge is adults $5, children under 12 $1.

Heather Madombwe, Zimbabwe Agriculture Society public relations officer said her organisation was not aware of the development.

“Every year ZAS has a free uniforms day for children. It is our tradition,” said Madombwe.

“On Wednesday, August 20 2014 was that day. The Zanu (PF) line is news to me.”

Party supporters boasted that because they belonged to the revolutionary party, they were not paying. “Zanu (PF) is the passport to gaining free entry,” said a woman from Mbare in Harare only identified as Doreen.

Before last year’s elections, Mugabe dished out party regalia, which saw the distribution of caps, t- shirts and scarfs among others in most major cities and towns.

The development resulted in the majority of the populace getting the party’s regalia and this includes those who are not supporters of the party.

Pherek Choto said he was surprised to gain free entry simply because he was wearing a ‘Zanu cap’.

“I have saved my $5 for other things and it came as a surprise,” who said he had notified his colleagues to bring the party’s scarfs to ‘save their money’.


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    gorongoza 8 years ago

    nyika inotongwa kunge mutoilet maChatunga! nxa!

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    Short of getting rid of this bunch of idiots Zimbabwe is going to sink even deeper. They do not learn. ZUPCO went down on its knees because freeloaders piled free in Party regalia up and down the Highway to bury some hero or other. They didnt pay.The Party didnt pay.The company went bust. Just one example. The country is littered with carcasses of once thriving Parastatals killed by the primitive business management of ZPF. Now they travel to China seeking money for what?? It doesn’t matter how much money anybody pours Mugabe has no sense or desire to use it to develop the country.