To hell with Zanu PF politicians: Chiyangwa

Flamboyant businessman and Zimbabwe Football Association president, Philip Chiyangwa has lashed out at the country’s political leadership, saying they were responsible for the current decay, telling them to go to hell.

Source: To hell with Zanu PF politicians: Chiyangwa – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 29, 2016


Chiyangwa demanded that political leaders should not put barriers in front of those trying to get the economy running and make money.

“Please, they must get the hell out of our way,” he thundered in a short video that has since gone viral.

“We need space and we need people who are able to embrace change, who accept that I can be able to become a multi-millionaire without them.

“This country has so many smart people, (but) where is Mthuli Ncube, located somewhere in the Netherlands … big brains. Where is Nkosana Moyo or even Arthur Mutambara?”

Ncube, who set up Barbican Bank, left the country under a cloud after he was accused of externalisation and had his financial institution shut down.

Moyo quit as a minister and is now running a leadership think-tank in South Africa.

“We cannot have Strive Masiyiwa (Econet Wireless founder) stay way out of here because the moment he is here, they start cooking up charges of externalisation,” Chiyangwa continued.

The businessman, never far from controversy, urged the government to put in place progressive policies that allow for development of the economy.

Contacted for comment, Chiyangwa confirmed the video and indicated it was a shorter version of a longer presentation he had given.

“Wait for the full video, the producers are working on it. That is only part of what I actually said,” he said.

In another clip that Chiyangwa later sent to NewsDay, the former Zanu PF Mashonaland West chairperson said: “Why do you want to stifle development and my progress? This is the reason I fight and I know a lot of people are running away from here and it’s not right.

“I was arrested and detained for three months for nothing. They claimed I had been arrested for supporting (Vice-President Emmerson) Mnangagwa in the succession battle. So what?

“I came out and before we knew it (former Vice-President Joice) Mujuru was running around claiming I was a Mnangagwa loyalist. I said bring it on. So when she was being removed, I actually put in money to make sure she was removed.”

He said the economy could only be turned around if political leaders allow businesses to flourish unmolested.

“Why would we have no space for open views and for making money in Zimbabwe? We have no space because our leadership as long as you can thrive on your own they are not happy,” Chiyangwa said.


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    jono austin 7 years ago

    What a disgusting pig this man is. The only reason he amassed millions was through Zane patronage and leverage.

  • comment-avatar
    Nhamodzenyika 7 years ago

    Zviyangwa mbavha idzi!!!

  • comment-avatar

    A ZANU mashismo thug who has put every effort to derail the economy. Stay away from clean people please please.

  • comment-avatar
    nelson moyo 7 years ago

    Philip Chiyangwa – a former BSAP policeman has done well for himself – go for it Phil – you tell ’em what you think big boy !

  • comment-avatar
    Alliance for National Development 7 years ago

    w sihat phil, is saying makes good sense. that’s developmental. How can a nation suceed when a gvnt is jealousy of the success of its own citizens. meritocracy demands that great ideas should win regardless of where they are coming frm
    humble yet highly successful Strive has for a long time been regarded by the rest of the progressive world as a global asset yet here he is seen as a villain

  • comment-avatar
    Khaki 7 years ago

    What a lot of garbage from Phil . He has very corrupt himself and has benefited from the Rot. He has milked the Construction Industry Pension Fund, to build his doggy Real Estate business. There are so many scandals he has done. So Phil shut up! Don’t ever try to be a clear businessman, when your riches are just out of dirty money.