Trafficking: Agent faked police clearance

Trafficking: Agent faked police clearance | The Herald April 6, 2016

POLICE investigations have revealed that an employment agent — James Tungamirai Maroodza (30) — accused of recruiting women and trafficking them to Kuwait was also in the habit of manufacturing fake police clearances to speed up the process to obtain visas for the victims.

Sources yesterday said investigations carried out so far, with the assistance of some of the victims who are back in the country, have revealed that none of the women’s original fingerprints were used when their documents were being prepared by Maroodza to obtain police clearance.

Maroodza was recently arrested by police after he was fingered by some of the victims after reportedly placing advertisement in a local newspaper to the effect that maids were being recruited in Kuwait at a salary of $600 per month.

Maroodza is out on $400 bail. He facilitated visas and air tickets for human trafficking to several unsuspecting women to Kuwait through his company, Employment Engine Global Services.

Some of the victims interviewed by The Herald yesterday revealed that their fingerprints were never taken at any police station as Maroodza would manufacture fake police clearance for them to speed up the process.

They said that after responding to the advertisement and going through other processes, they would then be issued with the air tickets by Maroodza.

The victims on Monday told Government officials what transpired and how their documents were processed before they were taken to Kuwait.

Meanwhile, two of the victims arrived yesterday in the country from Kuwait as more women were still waiting to be assisted to return back.

Last month Government managed to assist 21 women to return back to the country while an equal number was being looked after at a shelter for run-away maids in the Arab country awaiting repatriation.