Treason claims do not add up

via Treason claims do not add up 19 November 2014 by Jera

There are many things that do not add up about the treason claims which have been sensationally plastered all over the state media. Firstly the article in the Sunday Mail is littered with the opinions of various ‘experts’ and ‘analysts’ whom we all know to have ties to Zanu (PF). Those opining in the government-owned press would croon whatever hymn they are told to sing.

Secondly: we are all left wondering why it is only these treasonous supporters of Joice Mujuru that have so far been removed by ‘no confidence’ vote and not the VP herself, the alleged beneficiary of such a plot to oust Mugabe. If there is much substance to these claims, should Mujuru not be the first to be indicted?

Thirdly, Mugabe has travelled abroad three times since the ‘overthrow plan’ became public and on each occasion, he deputed Mujuru to run the affairs of state. It makes no sense that Mugabe – a man who, in defiance of cataracts, is continually called ‘a visionary’ – would leave the country in the hands of a woman bent on usurping him. Mugabe leaving a dissenter in charge would be about as logical as a wife leaving her husband in the care of his mistress.

Fourth: is it not strange that, after threatening to shoot the president – in a country where army trucks have the tendency to veer into oncoming ministerial Mercs – Mutasa remains in good health? Five: the country’s military intelligence is second to none, supposedly. We train the military personnel of other countries at the Sadc Regional Peacekeeping Training Centre.


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    Doctor do little 10 years ago

    I don’t know what the hoola hoo is about. Robert Mugabe is 90 years old and at that age .Dementia is the norm in most people. Contrary to what people think Mugabe is just a man. It is easy to travel around making like you carrying out your duties as long as there is someone to keep reminding you of where you are and what you are doing. That his wife is behaving this way would suggest that it is getting worse. If there was any spark in her political career it would have emerged much earlier. She most probably thought he would live for ever. Having this disease does not mean that your brain cannot periods of sharpness. The signs were there when he openly slept at meetings. For him to say what he said about a certain “weevil” and the have a meeting with the “weevil” and do nothing about it tells you that he might not remember he even said it.
    Dementia is a word used to describe a group of symptoms including memory loss, confusion, mood changes and difficulty with day-to-day tasks. It all adds up. He has all the symptoms.

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    See below

    Eddie Jordan, the former team owner and BBC pundit, has called on Bernie Ecclestone to stand down as Formula One’s ruler.
    Jordan is a long-time admirer of Ecclestone, but he feels the 84-year-old’s increasingly erratic statements mean he should retire and hand the sport on to the next generation.
    ‘Bernie says one thing to your paper, another thing to a different paper, and another thing to me,’ Jordan told Sportsmail. ‘It is out of control. Nobody knows whether he means what he says or even knows what he is saying.

    I think that’s what Doctor do little means. And Ecclestone is only 84 years old.

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    Joe Cool 10 years ago

    Of course the treason claims don’t add up. They are not intended to. If they added up, they would have been reported to the ZRP, the culprits would have been arrested, charged and detained. There would have to be bail applications to be released on such a serious charge.

    Nobody wants all that. What we have is exactly what is intended – a newspaper trial in the Herald, where the least relevant thing is facts. This is about propaganda and publicity, not about crimes.

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      Doctor do little 10 years ago

      @Joe Cool “. If they added up, they would have been reported to the ZRP, the culprits would have been arrested, charged and detained.” I don’t agree.They have never behaved that way. If what you say was true they would all be in jail. The whole of Zanu pf. They are not in the habit of reporting each other to the Police who are theives themselves.Nobody knows what is happening in Mugabe’s life except those that are close to him. It stands to reason that if he is being used and manipulated it would be those right close to him. If they were in cahoots with his wife it would be easy to make sure that those that want access to him are denied the access. Mujuru and her crew are obviously being denied access. Even at the airport Grace makes sure she gets nowhere near him. In his right senses, although I can’t stand him, he is not the kind to allow his wife to suddenly star shooting everything in site. Something is not right here.

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    Justice 10 years ago

    Interesting, Dave Coltart made the comment not long ago that Mugabe was still very sharp and together, so not too sure about the dementia bit.

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      Doctor Do little 10 years ago

      @Justice I don’t think Coltart spends enough time with Mugabe to see his lapses. Dementia does not mean you suddenly get stupid. You just have flashes of forgetfulness and of course you have moments when you are sharp. My Grandfather used to sometimes forget who we were. Sometimes he knew.

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    Rodlin Mvelase 10 years ago

    Can someone tell Jonathan to put an end to this tendency of unethical journalism to beef up stories with irrelevant content by state media. All lies and figments of imagination. To Zanu puff tell the nation how this useless congress is going to come up with measures to build a vibrant economy. I see no rationale person waste time in assassinating a Mugabe who nature has already called. Trouble with Zanu puff is you all cowards, if you were not you would advise him step down not this rubbish of saying he is nominated unopposed. Damn cowards and spineless idiots.