Tsvangirai hints at 2018 election boycott

via Tsvangirai hints at 2018 election boycott – DailyNews Live 24 April 2015

HARARE – Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday told thousands of his supporters that the MDC will not take part in any future elections, including the much anticipated 2018 general polls, unless electoral reforms are put in place.

Addressing hundreds of his party supporters in Harare’s Glen View suburb, Tsvangirai said partaking in any polls in the country before reforms are put in place is an “exercise in futility”.

Explaining why, the country’s main opposition is not participating in the forthcoming June 10 by-elections, Tsvangirai said the ruling Zanu PF government, has perfected the art of rigging and thus could easily manipulate the polls.

At least 14 seats are up for grabs — with Zanu PF set to lock horns with independent candidates after the MDC’s withdrawal.

“We could have easily retained the seats, but we are not going to elections until reforms are put in place, we shall push for reforms until (President Robert) Mugabe concedes that they are necessary,” said Tsvangirai.

The former Prime Minister also explained why the MDC expelled the renegade 21 MPs (from the breakaway MDC renewal camp) from Parliament — a controversial move that triggered the by-elections.

“When we expelled the 21 MPs it was not personal, but it was based on principle, we cannot promote an opposition within an opposition. We gave them ample time to return but they did not take heed, instead they concentrated on personal attacks instead of tackling Mugabe.”

Tsvangirai, who has lost three consecutive elections to Mugabe, albeit in controversial circumstances, said the MDC popularity — unfortunately does not transform into power.

“We cannot continue voting when that does not transform into change,” said Tsvangirai.


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    kalulu 7 years ago

    Can Tsvangirayi tell us what he was doing in government for 5 years as PM. Why did he not push for reforms during his time and being in an influential position. What he is now saying and demanding does not make any sense at all otherwise he is just exposing himself to further scrutiny as as possibly a hypocrit.

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    Tjingababili 7 years ago


  • comment-avatar
    chimusoro 7 years ago

    Big deal ha ha!

  • comment-avatar
    EVERTY MUGUWU 7 years ago

    kalulu you are so dumb. reforms were supposed to come with the new constitution. when was the new constitution passed?

    • comment-avatar
      kalulu 7 years ago

      I do not have to stoop so low as to call you names or having a verbal exchange with you and I respect your interpretation of issues. My understanding is that the purpose of the GNU was to work on reforms which would create a level playing field for free and fair eletions but if your understanding is that the GNU was put in place in have or wait for a new constitution can you tell me why Tsvangirayi is now boycotting by-elections when the new constitution is now in place or is it not yet in place.