Tsvangirai must not listen to cowards

via Tsvangirai must not listen to cowards – NewsDay Zimbabwe 2 October 2014 by Vince Musewe

Should we trust and have good expectations from the fervent prayers of the devil?

I support MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai 100% on the need to take mass action and create the urgency necessary for Zanu PF to wake up and smell the coffee.

In fact, I will join him.

I can’t believe some opposition parties, academics, including some infamous Pentecostal churches, who are saying this will disrupt the economy!

What economy when we have 90% of our people eking a living in the informal sector and are now to be taxed even more to fund a government that is presiding over a failed State; when millions of dollars are being stolen and spent not on reviving this economy, but in propping up the lifestyles of a leadership cabal that has lost the plot?

Nothing riled me more than the ridiculous rant from Zanu PF’s infamous secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa, who comes out to say that the politburo can even change the laws to accommodate former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono’s bid to be senator in Manicaland.

How low can we get?

Our problem in Zimbabwe is that we have a bunch of opposition politicians who think that things will change through corporate politics and Press conferences from boardrooms.
Nothing can be further from the truth!

We also have a pathetic business sector which remains complicit and is quick to run and raise funds for Zanu PF functions at the drop of a hat.

Our churches have unashamedly failed on their mandate to commit themselves to the truth at all costs.

All they want are thousands of members who feel pity for themselves to flock to their gatherings and “sacrifice” their hard-earned dollars with the expectation that God will reward them.

The motives of the new “prophetpreneurs” are disgusting and Tsvangirai must rightly ignore these parasites who are feeding on the hopelessness of Zimbabweans.

Imagine if thousands of Zimbabweans who sacrificed their lives for our freedom had also taken the same view; that going to join the struggle would disrupt the economy and peace; that is was better to talk to Ian Smith and have gradual change than to have majority rule as a matter of urgency.

I am amazed that, to this date, Zimbabweans seem not to understand this beast called Zanu PF.

It is a beast that has survived through violence and cohesion; a beast that has lied, killed and cheated its way to power.

It is a beast whose sole priority is to retain power even when it is evident that its ideas and what it stands for are no longer relevant or attractive to many of us the future leaders of a new Zimbabwe.

Its leadership has become insensitive, arrogant and irrelevant and yet it must force itself and its moribund ideas upon us. We must fight for our rights.

Now, thousands and thousands of you, including prostitute writers out there, have commented on how Tsvangirai made a fatal mistake in entering the government of national unity and how he bungled elections and yet none of you, not one of you, will lift a finger to cause the change you want to see.

You are all waiting for things to change. My question is: If it is not you, who do you think will make that change happen?

In my opinion, if there is any time to send a clear message to Zanu PF and its underlings, it is now because if we do not do that, things will get worse as we sit and complain and do absolutely nothing to create the future we want.

I will support Tsvangirai in this endeavour and for me, he continues to stand out as the only man who dared to challenge Mugabe and his establishment in the last 34 years.

We can all sit and rationalise on the pros and cons of mass action; we can sit and condemn how our opposition leadership has let us down — and then what?

The Zanu PF government has clearly failed to rig the economy because economic success is based on principles and not populist politburo decrees.

This government has failed in all areas and to say that China and Russia deals will save us is delusional.

As long as there are no fundamental changes in behaviour in our politics, our economy will continue as it is and we will continue to see the protection of a cabal of predator capitalists as they sign joint venture deals with China and Russia to exploit our resources.

They will create their own wealth while the masses continue to survive in an informal economy that is tough and brutish.

There will be no end to mass poverty as long as we do not see a change in the political ideology of Zanu PF that is based on the idea of “none but ourselves”.

I am just so saddened that many of us just do not get this. We cannot trust nor have noble or good expectations from the fervent prayers of the devil.

Ideologies of dictators do not change through negotiation or through demanding free and fair elections.

Those who are discouraging Tsvangirai from leading mass action must just please shut up and be spectators because, over the years, they really have done nothing to fight this evil system.

Zimbabwe now needs brave patriots and not boardroom cowards or self-righteous prophets.


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    Tozvirevakupiko 8 years ago

    You know Vince, I support your argument above but in a kind of funny way this quote from you will probably have been better than what we have now ‘that is was better to talk to Ian Smith and have gradual change than to have majority rule as a matter of urgency.’ We as Africans are MORE to blame than our real or unreal enemies. We start off OK with people driven ideals but once in power we just cant seem to cope with trappings of it…even Tsvancry failed in that regard. Better must come!

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    All civic society and opposition needs to unit in a common unity. Its time! Leaders need to put aside all differences and selfish agendas, get the bible out and see what God would really expect from leaders and a nation. Our complete disunity has kept ZPF going way past its time. Let us wake up please! We play right into their hands. the last thing RGM and the boys want to see are a united opposition. Are we actually that dumb that we cannot see this!

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    Vince, you are all riled up. I like it. You are hitting the nail squarely on the head with a 10 pound hammer. Especially about these ‘prosperity church leaders. Prophets indeed! I love the Lord and these guys are walking the thin edge of the wedge. They need to repent!

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    Morris 8 years ago

    No one should underplay how cruel Mugabe and his hangers-on are. I was at UZ during the final push campaign and I can tell you that when faced with real challenge they can kill. So some of us who whole heartedly participated in the final push, learnt the hard way and we learnt very fast. Remember the whistle that had become so common, it died in a day at UZ and we learnt fast that we were alone. It is not much of cowardice that make some to dislike this idea but it is through experience on how brutal Mugabe can be. It may be a lost battle with blood. Remember, how the riot would disrupt even a grouping of five people and how they kept Harare under siege. Some people who remember should think before they condemn those who think it may be an unnecessary loss of life.

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    revenger avenger 8 years ago

    Well well. I actually for the first time was happy to see Mr Vincent coming out with some balls. I have been advocating this action since 2008. Stuff the 2018 bogus nikuv erections. Musewe is finally showing that he may be of officer material quality. Yep. Charge these false-profits with fraud under the witchcraft laws. Like zpf criminals they get obscenely rich fleecing the desperate naive povo – competing with charlatan chiyangwa – to show off looted plunder !!!!!stuff hopeless MP’s and boring congresses. . Look how the Chinese dictatorship is shivering over hong Kong street protests. I predict a bloody nose for Mugabe’s pompous masters. Stop diaspora remittances. Refuse pay taxes. Make cities ungovernable. Sure there will of necessity be proper martyrs as opposed to terrorist ” heroes ” ….. and you guys who fear CIO zrp zna will actually find out HOW COWARDLY these goons actually are when overwhelmingly confronted.

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    Philip Murare 8 years ago

    Count me in brother, this monister needs confrontation. Makandiwa is a fake prophet who intends to protect his business coz on that day his blinded followers will not turn up at his church, thus affecting his business. Yes, we have waited too long its better we confront this animal, now he even thinks of placing his wife as president ano in turn will pass it to chatunga, wake up guys.

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    Vincent I will buy you a sweet Banana.

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      tapiwa 8 years ago

      “I am amazed that, to this date, Zimbabweans seem not to understand this beast called Zanu PF.
      It is a beast that has survived through violence and cohesion; a beast that has lied, killed and cheated its way to power.” Quoting from above then may I take note that Zimbabweans are very much aware of the beast called Zanu PF, it is like no other beast. Zimbabweans have been cattled to meetings that they don’t want to go to, made to buy party cards for a party they don’t belong to, had someone vote (by ginya) for a party don’t support, have lost friends and relatives more to Zanu Pf than to Ian Smith. So I beg to disagree Zimbabweans are playing a game of survival, which other government on earth can equal Zanu Pf in its harshness as mentioned by others Mugabe and his party are worse than Ian Smith so be careful when you deal with these guys. Im not discouraging others from taking part but please tell them in truth what they face for the few who might take up the challenge might find the beast in uncomprimising form.

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    You Vince are now showing your immaturity and your twisted appreciation of politics of Zimbabwe. Tsangirai has never had the balls to do anything like leading street protests. Even when the youths were eager to sacrifice themselves to make the country ungovernable he said he will not walk to State house over dead bodies.Anything with a semblance of violence is alien to Tswangirai. So stop the pretence that you and Tswangs now have balls to show that you have not shown us for 15 years. You are the coward Vince and only time will tell. With the support that Tswangirai says he has I wait for the day he will raise 1000 youths to cause havoc. I will believe you when that happens. Before that sorry to say you don’t impress me at all. You will learn that Tswangirai and even Renewals are not half the men you think them to be. Real men are coming. Mark my words. You will not be part of it if you continue thinking you will get anything out of Tswangirai. The last 15 years have taught us.

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    Nyati 8 years ago

    The use of violence on unarned masses is cowardice hidden in the name of dictatorship.
    find me one dictator/dictorshop that lived on to the end of time.
    comeon Zimbabwe, arise and fight. Biti, Chamisa, Dougy, Mutambara, Welshman, Maduku, Job.Sikala…differences aside, let us all go out and fight the monster peacefully on the streets, they are cowards keep that in mind.

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      tapiwa 8 years ago

      Yes few if any dictator/dictatorships live till the end of time but from my own narrow observations all those dictatorships that fell there was a lot of foreign involvement but all the same its not for me to say people should or should not go onto the streets especially from the comfort of the diaspora but take note the Zimbabwean government is a different type of dictatorship heartless , cruel and beyond imaginable evil

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      Sonofngwazi 8 years ago


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    Gangemukange obviously trying to purge the momentum. You have learnt nothing in the years you talk about. Please shut up and watch if you have no guts. Better still hide yourself in Mugabe’s arms that are now too weak to hold you.Vincent I will buy you a sweet Banana.

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    Mbira Nehanda 8 years ago

    I don’t think that taking to the streets at this moment is a good idea. Why don’t we wait for ZANU to further divide itself into 2 weaker factions as recent events seem to show. When it’s divided that will be the best time for jambaja. If we do it now we risk further weakening the movement.

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    nyoni 8 years ago

    We have being fighting this monster called Zanu PF for years and have tried to enlighten the people. The group WOZA led by Jenny Williams and other brave souls had started the crusade but people simply didnot care to help. Cowardice is a disease and forever what reason it is Zimbabweans are cowards.

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    peter tosh 8 years ago

    What prophets,liars and devils calling themselves prophets. There are no Jehovah God prophets in this time for everything you see happening now, yesterday and in the future is in the bible and. Prophets were inspired by God’s spirit to write the bible. The past, the present and the future is all found in the bible and these false prophets, the bible warns us about them. So there is nothing they are doing other than dining and prophesying for the devil to please the politician. These are the last days,many are called but a few are chosen and Jehovah God will tell them that he doesn’t know them when the end which is so near, comes.

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    zanu must go end of argument. They don’t care or have an idea how to be a responsible government. These planned protest will turn ugly under mugabes oppression.

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    mandevu 8 years ago

    Great message Vince

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    blackhammer 8 years ago

    This surely is good timing but,could this also force Zanu to regroup and focus on survival when clearly they are in free fall? Events are moving incredibly fast in the ruling party and it’s almost impossible to keep up on a daily basis. The knives are truly out and hope it is not the MDC which rushes with bandages to patch up the wounded and bleeding. Never ever known Zanu to be in such bad shape and even Grace is being pushed to dizzy heights while not wearing any draws. Sometimes it brings a smug on one’s face when one watches these ‘intelligent’ men keep digging the hole they are in. Sweet! It does remind me of the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union. It was swift and out of this world. I did ask a few months ago whether the MDC should not welcome the collapse of the economy if it means a quick demise of the thugs in control or not so in control? Kusiri kufa ndokupi? (People are dying anyway). Tough call but really food for thought. We all await the next episode from that soap opera at Cnr. Samora Machel Ave/ Rotten Row Street, (Zanu headquarters), and I predict huge explosions in the next few months. For the MDC it is a matter of timing and on many occasions in the past the decisions have been rushed and lousy.
    Simon M Tozvireva.

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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      I live in Minnesota USA and there is nothing special about that and for you to say you are not poor and bosting about the land of plenty when your brothers and sisters are hungry , I think that statement needs to be reviewed . Let’s all join hands and do what is best for our land

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    Rocks tone 8 years ago

    Good morning to all analysists , beside hopeless elections, which other tarbulant means can people of Zimbabwe usher in a real meaningful change. If Tsvangirai states that he will never walk over dead bodies to state house . I had always said that if Vince Musewe’ s optimistic analytic and radical idea will be transformed into a mere practical action , then we say a swarm of locusts will be good enough to feast on the farm of the devil farmer

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    Let’s all go into the streets and claim our liberty. We can’t wait for ZPF die a natural death. We are tired of waiting.

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    Chiwoniso D 8 years ago

    Bravo, bravo, bravo

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    I dont think they will be any bloodbath
    Why I say so
    the current soldiers and police force are a little bit learned. killing their fellow countrymen will be no sense to them .

    People should simply take up arms, you need firepower

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    Domingos Rui 8 years ago

    Tsvangirai is bravest of us all. Tsvangirai is a hero not a failure. Because even in the midst of a drought he went on to plant. Who is a failure, a farmer who cries of hunger when they never got into the field to plant and one who planted in the midst of a drought and is still planting. God is faithful, he will remember the later farmer. Even Moses failed in the bible and fled to Midian where he became a herd boy for his father in law, Jethro. From annointment by God to lead the children of Israel to a herd boy in Midian. But God does not break his promise and covenant. 40 years later God appears again Moses and tells him to go back to Egypt and lead the rescue of His people from Egypt. How many time did Pharoah refuse to release God’s children from bondage and slavery. But Pharoah finally gave in to God’s order. How many times has Mugabe and Zanu PF cheated Tsvangirai and the children of Zimbabwe? Many times. But Tsvangirai has not given up to lead the children of Zimbabwe from oppression and suffering. Do not count the years gone by. For all these happenings are but from God for a purpose. Now Children of Zimbabwe, understand God’s purpose so you may have the energy and spirit to carry on with the struggle. Do not listen to these false prophets who are taking advantage of your suffering and desperation. The greatest prophet is Jesus of Nazarene, who is also God in his his capacity. He is faithful with his promise. AMEN

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    That ZANU has been allowed to continue its wanton destruction of our Zim for so long is a scandal beyond measure.
    Zimbos have misguidedly put faith in a democratic process to deliver a responsible government to the extent of queuing for hours in order to register their vote in the last sham elections.

    ZANU is a dangerous beast and has been from day one.
    The only way to deal with a beast that’s gone rabid is to destroy it, period.
    So mass action, ndizvo!!

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    Percy Malunga 8 years ago

    Whilst I appreciate your input, I would like to highlight that Zanu PF will be difficult to remove from power unless all opposition parties, civic groups, people from all walks of life unite for a common purpose. Right now as I say, most opposition leaders spent most of their time fighting each other and positioning themselves in preparation for a new Government that will never come because of disunity. They don’t even have a strategy at hand on how to remove this Government. What they have is a dream at State House. Never take ZANU PF for granted, I warn you! If Zimbabwe’s population is 13 million, and all the 13 million vote for Tsvangirai, Zanu PF will score 26 million votes.There is in fighting in ZANU PF but those who do the donkey work are well organised and the intelligence well polished and prepared to deal will day dreamers. I still remember in Kuwadzana at a star rally,I received information that ZRP recruits were busy marking Xs on ballot papers secretly and I told Chamisa to ask the leader Tsvangirai, to invite election observers present to visit Morris Depot. The answer I got was ‘Even if they rig, they won’t win’. And what happened? That was 2004. Over confidence should be set aside and deal with situation as it demands.

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    Sonofngwazi 8 years ago


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    Sonofngwazi 8 years ago


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    farai 8 years ago

    Advocating violence Vince? is this an admission that you have bn outsmarted?

    Can I suggest that b4 u go along that route, try mass mobilisation and membership drive, try getting these members actually registered on time. Whilst at it polish up on the manifesto with solid policy offerings. I would also try to bring about consensus amongst opposition forces to come up with a united opposition with a more palatable leadership than the current crew. Be smart play to your strengths why urikuda kurowa shumba membama? Are you that suicidal?

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    jobolinko 8 years ago

    i feel sorry for people who can even go to lose money to these fake prophets,these people are just a scam ,we have a constitution which allows citizens to demostrate peacefuly ,bloodshed for what its within the law to demonstrate,only dictators will not allow its citizens to march when unhappy

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    bruce Koffee 8 years ago

    Mandela initially wanted a peaceful negotiations with apartheid government. However peaceful discussions where later on abandon and engaged the regime violently. Peopel need to listern to the Rivonia trial. He got military training not for peace but vilolence. So better violence now, a few will die for sure but where is no death. Who is going to live forever anyway. After a violent disruption of everything including the 1976 death of school children peace came. As it stands now, there is a need for everyone called Zimbabwean to have that kind of resolve that death is good than as peopel have been struggling for the past 34 years with no end in sight under the dictatorship of Mugabe. Beside, this silence and silence has already killed many than those of us who will die once and liberate ourselves from the severe hunger and poverty and missery that is confronting us daily. There is no respect anywhere being called foreigner, running away from misrule of an old man of 90 years old. People need to be exposed to the number of people who die try to border jump into Botswana, South Africa and other neighbouring countires running from the dictatorship and poor governance of Mugabe. Real man die fighting not being killed one by one. Up unitil all, I mean all of us have made this reolve. I have made mine. I am in Tsvangirai’s protest, peaceful or not peaceful. Woamn do not evn know how it feels to sleep indoors as they are always on the road travelling to neighbouring countries to buy and resale clothes groceries backhome. DIE FIGHTING NOW THAN LIVE STRUGGLING FOR THE NEX MINUTE and many years to come.

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    Fairtalk 8 years ago

    I dont think there will be even one baboon on the streets. Believe you me.

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    Zim Patriot 8 years ago

    nkosi, come home, we need compassionate people like u, pray Zimbabweans, pray, Our Lord and Saviour is the only solution. He created heaven and earth, He created you comrades and I and when we as a nation turn to Him and humble ourselves, then will He deliver us frm this evil in our land. We the people deserve freedom, peace and prosperity. our land has been blessed with abundant natural resources and yet we the people are poor and suffering. Our neighbours don’t even have half the resources and yet they flourish as they have peace loving and intelligent leadership who manage their economies without greed and hatred….look what happened to Idi Amin when he tried to get rid of all people of colour frm his country? every Zimbabwean regardless of colour or language has a right to live and prosper in our beautiful land….what happened to what we fought for in the liberation war? what happened to one man one vote, to choose leaders of our choice? viva freedom, viva peace and prosperity for ALL Zimbabweans!!!!!Pray Zimbabweans pray to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ