Tsvangirai rips into First Family

via Tsvangirai rips into First Family – NewsDay Zimbabwe November 14, 2015

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday threatened to boycott the 2018 elections if President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF continue to use violence.


He accused First Lady Grace Mugabe of inciting the current wave of political violence for declaring some places such as Mashonaland Central as “no-go areas” for the opposition.

Tsvangirai’s comments came as Home Affairs minister Ignatius Chombo warned political parties to desist from violence and attacking police officers. He also warned journalists against writing negatively about the First Family.

Addressing journalists in the capital at the relaunch of the MDC-T mouthpiece, Real Change Times, Tsvangirai accused the First Family – in particular Grace – of inciting the current wave of violence, saying if it persisted, his party had no option but to boycott the 2018 elections.

He said if that happened, it would then be proper to declare Zimbabwe a one-party State.

“Without conditions for free and fair elections, I am afraid we won’t participate or think of taking part in an election where violence is the yardstick,” the MDC-T leader said.

“If they want to rule by violence, let them say so, so we know we are under a one-party State.”

Tsvangirai said violation of media freedom and violence, allegedly being perpetrated by Zanu PF supporters, were not good for the country’s image and efforts to turn around the economy.

“ . . . but the First Lady herself is declaring that other areas are no-go areas. You can’t declare certain areas to be no-go areas. If the First Family incites violence, what are we as ordinary people going to do about that?” he queried.

Tsvangirai said his party was being blocked from holding rallies in Harare South by ruling party officials trying to convince their leaders that they were more Zanu PF than the other because of their ability to unleash violence on opponents.

He described former Zanu PF Harare youth chairman Jim Kunaka as a “Latter-day Saint” and that the violence in Mbare was premised on who would succeed him. Tsvangirai paid tribute to the private media for striving to tell the true story.

He said several opposition political parties were in agreement on the need for reforms to create a country with an environment conducive for free and legitimate expression by the people.

The former Prime Minister said a “big announcement” by a united force would be made soon.

“Very soon, we will be converging in our diversity to announce to the nation a united way forward as a broad democratic movement. At least we owe it to the nation,” he said.

“The shenanigans we witnessed in the by-elections held early this year, the violence in Hurungwe West, the recent violence against MDC-T by Zanu PF thugs in the presence of the police — all point to a poisoned environment that needs to be addressed if the people are to be allowed to fully express themselves at the next election, whenever it will be held.”

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba was not answering his phone yesterday.

But Chombo said while Zimbabwe was a democratic country, there was no absolute freedom.

“The police cannot and will not tolerate any violent behaviour or misconduct that disturbs the much-needed peace and tranquillity,” he said at a Press conference last night.

“In this regard, I wish to send a strong warning that we will deal with anyone who throw stones and missiles towards the police.”

The Home Affairs minister took aim at journalists, accusing them of writing falsehoods against the First Family, saying such deeds would not go unpunished.

“The reckless stories are meant to unashamedly attack the President and the First Family in their private and personal capacities. Let me urge you all that you have a responsibility to report truthfully, factually and avoid sensationalisation of stories,” he said.


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    Grace mugabe and those zanu thugs vari kujaidzwa zvikuru.zimbos we are too soft for nothing yet these thugs are destroying our country and lives, its time we act like what happened in libya and remove these devils. Kusiri kufa ndekupi zanu is killing our loved ones bit by bit takangoti hundundu tichiti zvichanaka chete hapana chinonaka its suffer continue as long as these murderers are in charge.
    ZANU is cancer and cancer kills.To remove cancer you have to destroy it completely not to live any cell.I mean all top zanu thugs.Why must our suffering be caused by other people, who are they, they are not God, if it was natural disasters its understood, we mustn’t be that weak to tolerate such acts by certain greedy, corrupt and vision less people to destroy our country. God help those who help themselves, let’s not be intimidated by these stupid police and dumb soldiers they are blinckered and can’t think for themselves they are but nothing because they live on handouts.
    Time to wake up and stop critising each other because we will be giving these thugs more wings.
    Love zim

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      Hokoyo 5 years ago

      Very true Lybia style could set us free. To allow a situation of being a nation of a sheep being led to the slaughterhouse won’t solve the problems the country has but prolong the stay in power of this tyrannical regime.

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    it is not possible for any person in zimbabwe to find out if someone is dead based on the ID number.
    the registrar general just refuses to release this information.
    Zec does not know who is alive and who is dead.
    even the reserve bank does not know.
    the voters roll is the engine room of rigging.
    election results for 2018 are already being made up by the rg office.

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    Rockstone 5 years ago

    How then should Morgan Tsvangirai continues to be a crying baby ?, he pretty knows that Zimbabwe is under Zanu pf tyrannic error , which by any means cannot be removed by elections , Tsvangirai had failed the mass of Zimbabwe ,he had betrayed the struggle for change after people had entrusted him consistently . Zanu pf thugs are continuously ransacking the economy and the country resources (minerals), This is happening day and night while we stood & watch ., they are misusing state funds by buying cache of arms , whom do they want to fight , when there is hunger in the country ?.Zanu pf is ruthless ,so for u Tsvangirai people are tired of your election boycotting antics , because it doesn’t resolve any problem . It’s high time for us Zimbabweans to join hands from beyond boarders and within to confront this ruinous regime let’s not expect this change in a sliver platter , no , no , no , our citizens are continuously displaced into various parts of the world , some are being exposed to xenophobia whiles the political leaders watch helplessly . There is no employment the country , youth are suffering ,university graduates are hopeless about their feature , state resources are being ransacked day and night wildlife animals & species are being sold to China , by the same people whom claim to be our liberators , now their liberation declaration is resulting in them exploiting the country & it’s people , some of them are now owning 3quarters of Zimbabwe , if not the whole country .This madness is committed whiles we watch, our birth rights to exercise vote of our choice is extremely thwarted , by means which suit them , using state machinery, using partisan police & soldiers to instill mortal fear to the citizens , they are misusing state funds in vote buying & vote rigging for their unwanted existence in power , . People let’s join hands from all boarders & within and confront , face this tyrannic situation head on , no to elections , yes to chaos

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    Joseph Makadii Dube 5 years ago

    Chimurenga was caused because the whites did not want peace talks. So why are we Zimbabweans just soft and fight for our rights. If Zanu pf need a one party state then we just say yes let it be then we can not stop them from doing what they want. LET US ALL JOIN HANDS AND FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS. Tsangirai you are not a coward do not give up and loose the election by running away from Mai Mugabe. Show her that we do not need her by getting into the election because us people are the ones who know what we need. The 1980 generation is now a grand generation they did not know war but they can lean war by knowing the cause od Chimurenga. Oppression and needing to bring back what is ours the land but not only to govern and oppress the ones without voice. Pamberi ne Hondo you kudzorera masimba kuvanhu.

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    Zimbos prolonging their suffering for ever and a day. Why not rise up feel the pain for a short period and get it over with.This victim mentality is what keeps you where you are and the great big mug and his goons know it

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    …and we need a new name for the country afterwards.Or better new everything, flag ,anthem,currency,passports,ID’s,uniforms(police/army),street names, new farmers…The chapter Zimbabwe should be closed and put to the history books,right next to rhodisia.