Tsvangirai ‘sold out’ says Thomas Mapfumo

via Tsvangirai ‘sold out’ says Thomas Mapfumo – Nehanda Radio 16 April 2015

LONDON – Exiled Zimbabwean music legend Thomas Mapfumo says opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has sold out the democratic struggle in Zimbabwe and has since joined what he called “the money brigade”.

In a no holds barred interview on Nehanda Radio this past Wednesday in the evening, Mapfumo who is based in the United States, said Zimbabweans no longer had anyone to lead them in the fight against President Robert Mugabe’s oppressive regime.

Mapfumo claimed Tsvangirai had come away from a trip to the United States “empty handed because of his behavior”. The fiery Chimurenga music icon did not elaborate on what this behavior was but claimed;

“People no longer have anyone to stand with. They (Zanu PF) bought Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai joined the money brigade. Here the Americans did not give him money because of his ways. So whom should the people follow? There is no one who genuinely stands for the people in Zimbabwe,” Mapfumo said.

Tsvangirai a former trade union leader has been President Robert Mugabe’s biggest political rival since the opposition Movement for Democratic Change was formed in 1999. He forced his way into a coalition government as Prime Minister after a victory over Mugabe in the March 2008 presidential elections.

Although things improved relatively under the coalition government, Tsvangirai and his party were accused of being weak and indecisive. Even though the coalition government was dissolved in 2013, after another controversial election, Tsvangirai has not vacated the mansion he used as Prime Minister sparking accusations he was ‘bought”.

Tsvangirai’s office insists he has a right to buy the mansion under the agreement. They also claim he used $400 000 of his own money as a deposit for the property. The claims and counter-claims have not helped his image either way.

Many in his party believe the continued use of the mansion compromises him and he should move out or buy a house elsewhere.


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    I don’t know about “selling out” but certainly one cannot lead a struggle whilst ensconced in the trappings of power, like living in a mansion.

    Having said that, any move by the man to humbler accommodation would be interpreted by the fickle Zimbo as evidence galore of a man, finished.

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    Johann 7 years ago

    I agree with Thomas Mapfumo. “Capital M small organ” Mr Tsangirai you blew the peoples hope of democracy when you went into a fraudulent partnership.Shame on you!

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    Grew up with Thomas in the Lusaka of the the 1960’s Highfield when he was in the Springfields band and he should know how emotive the term “sell out” is after ZANU’s breakaway from ZAPU.

    As for fraudulent partnership, I have to agree.
    The sane argument was not to go to bed with the devil but the MDC, as an organisation ignored it, choosing to tow the softer line of peoples’s wishes.

    Unfortunately, the Zimbo couldn’t and still cannot tell the difference between a savior and Armageddon.

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    wensil 7 years ago

    Here we go Mapfumo, saying this from the comfort of exile while others are the foot soldiers in Zim fighting the brutal regime of Robert Mugabe. Everyone is trying their best – at least they are trying – not just talking from the air-conditioned offices of London but the rough terrains of Zaka, Bubi, Karoi you name it.
    Mistakes have been made, yes but to then say “sell-out” think again.