Tsvangirai spot on

Opposition MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai might find himself in the eye of a storm after he said President Robert Mugabe risks a violent end if he does not resign.

Source: Tsvangirai spot on – NewsDay Zimbabwe October 3, 2016

Comment: NewsDay Editor

This predictable noise from the government and State media will lack common sense and contextualisation of the former Prime Minister’s speech.

In reality, Mugabe needs to address the country’s future and failure to do so will lead to instability.

While Mugabe has always retorted to populist rhetoric in terms of who will succeed him, claiming that the people will choose his successor, the reality is that this uncertainty is causing anxiety that may lead to future instability.

The factionalism that has torn Zanu PF apart, and polarised and paralysed the government is a direct result of Mugabe’s failure to draw up a proper succession plan and this is unhelpful for Zimbabwe.

Failure to anoint a successor subtly hints that Mugabe is not willing to retire and in the face of the mounting problems in the country, it is clear the President does not have the ability to steer this country back to prosperity.

In this regard, many Zimbabweans feel Mugabe’s continued presence at the helm is detrimental to their future and those with means will leave the country, while those that remain will either be despondent or will be more daring and will continue to mount protests.

The latter group will feel they have nothing to lose and this is just going to create a tinderbox situation, ready to explode at anytime.

What the country needs now is an urgent regeneration, something that Mugabe is unable to offer. The only way Mugabe is able to guarantee the country’s future and its prospects is by setting in motion a process to anoint his successor and ultimately stepping down.

The self-serving propaganda that Mugabe was voted into power in 2013 and, therefore, should rule until 2018 is unconstructive, as he has clearly failed to deliver on his election promises and the country should not have to trudge on for two more painful years with him at the helm.

It is clear that the country’s economy is headed downwards, the political situation has deteriorated, while Zimbabweans are definitely in a worse of situation than they were when Mugabe was elected.

How much worse is Mugabe willing to let Zimbabwe become before he realises he needs to act decisively, choose a successor and begin an exit process?

As things remain, discontent will only rise and clashes between demonstrators will become more commonplace.

Tsvangirai’s statements, no matter how unpalatable they are to some sections of society, are quite accurate and reflect the mood in the country.


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    Mazano Rewayi 6 years ago

    A genuine leader focuses on two things – the DIRECTION to follow and WHO to keep the flock going in that direction after he/she is gone. Unfortunately for Zim we long lost sight of the direction. Ever note how the “top” guys are so eloquent about where we came from but hardly utter a word about 50 years hence? All the attention is on the current position. Hence the talk about “one centre of power”, “constitutional mandate”, etc. All this is just a smokescreen to cover the fatal flaw in our leadership psyche. Our country needs a change of direction, period. All those who have pretended to lead before, creating this mess in the first place, should not be the ones to define the new direction.