Two former MPs rejoins MDC-T

Two former MPs who defected to Tendai Biti’s breakaway party have rejoined the MDC-T.

Source: Two former MPs rejoins MDC-T – The Zimbabwean 01.12.2016

Paul Madzore and Pearson Mungofa were welcomed back by party president, Morgan Tsvangirai at Harvest House.
Also rejoining the MDC -T today was former Harare city councilor Victor Chifodya who had also defected to Biti’s People’s Democratic Party.


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    The time- and money- wasting absent president of Zimbabwe departed from Havana at 5.10pm Harare time today, Thursday, and will be back in Harare tomoro by midday – enough time to accredit the 5 pissed off Ambassadors to Zimbabwe who give this country a lot of aid money. Stupid old fart.

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    Godsent Nehanda 5 years ago

    Those are confused chancers who are not sure of where to stand. why crisscrossing in politics.
    you are a shame you people who are given to political prostitution.

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    They are just like a wife who runs away with another man, when things doesn’t go well,she thinks of coming back. Who wants to entertain a prostitute hope Morgan wears a condom

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    William winnall 5 years ago

    Dictators must just die and be an everlasting example of how not to govern people.
    Mugabe is an outstanding example. Just like Stalin, he has destroyed his country.
    Worthless. Just worthless.
    Pray the country does not have to indulge his legacy for too long.