Unfair to keep on punishing ageing Mugabe

While the mystery of President Robert Mugabe’s travel in the last few days has deepened many people’s curiosity levels, it is an irresistible temptation to conclude that the seemingly last-minute trip was either health-related or it had nothing to do with the country which warranted misuse of taxpayers’ money.

Source: Unfair to keep on punishing ageing Mugabe – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 2, 2016

NewsDay Editor

Whatever it is, the fact that Mugabe has been attended to by medical experts in Singapore also gives credence to the speculation.

The travel times, too — landing in Dubai at 7:20am local time after taking off on a chartered Air Zimbabwe plane, Boeing 767-2N0 (ER) UM1 at Harare International Airport at 10:45pm on Tuesday — are a case in point, too, particularly given that this was just about three hours after touching down from Swaziland, where he left the 36th Sadc Heads of States and Government Summit.

There have obviously been calls for Mugabe to step down in view of his advanced age, the deepening political, economic and social crisis, and ill-health, which has become a public secret.

Although those close to him insist he was still fit to lead this nation until the 2018 the presidential plebiscite, only the blind will not see that the man is not well.

In fact, it is cruel for his family and hangers-on — as well as his propagandists — to push him to continue at the helm of the country given his physical state.

Zimbabweans have no doubt that if these people really cared about him, they would long have eased him from public life – where his blips and blunders are not seen, not to mention falls and near-falls. This will ensure that he preserves his tattered legacy with the dignity he deserves.

The 92-year-old leader has frequented Dubai over the past few years for whatever reason which could also include receiving medication, as his health continues to deteriorate due to a punishing work schedule.

We believe Mugabe’s handlers should appreciate that there is nothing much that can be done about his situation because ageing and its attendant illnesses, is a biological process of life.

It is no wonder that opposition political parties have argued that Mugabe is no longer fit to govern the country due to his advanced age and deteriorating health.

It is tragic that those who are supposed to care for Mugabe and protect him from public embarrassment — including at international forums — do not seem to care at all.

We are aware that like any other family head, Mugabe is concerned about the future of his young family. But 36 years on, surely he should have done enough to cushion them otherwise his continued stay at the helm will eventually serve no purpose to himself, his family or the nation. Indeed, critical thinking is required.


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    Joe Cool 6 years ago

    Mugabe doesn’t have a ‘punishing work schedule’ – he has a punishing self-preservation schedule.

    This is about the fifth time that I am suggesting that this ‘NewsDay Zimbabwe’ is Zanu PF’s subtle reinvention of the discredited Herald.

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      Nintalan 6 years ago

      I’m starting to wonder about NewsDay as well Joe.

      For a start, how does Mugabe “deserve dignity”? He allows it to no-one else. Every time he opens his mouth it is to denigrate and abuse people. Dignity went a long time ago.

      Secondly the article seems to imply that Mugabe’s family and supporters have some control over him retiring. Really? Who is going to have that conversation? Its obvious to anyone not at NewsDay that Mugabe is hanging on because of fear that he will be held accountable for his actions whilst Prime Minister and President. He knows that to avoid accountability he has to die in office. He doesn’t give a rats arse for anyone else.

    • comment-avatar
      Fallenz 6 years ago


      Cohorts. Partners-in-crime. ZPM (ZANU-PF Propaganda Machine).

      Singing for their supper.

      Satisfying their base rather than publishing news… although, sometime what they proclaim is so asinine and jaded and incredulous it almost sounds like sarcasm or a failed attempt at comedy. Like telling an obese wife that the dress doesn’t make her look fat.

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    ntaba 6 years ago

    He needs to be severely punished for murdering 20 000 civilians.