‘Upcoming by-election a political game changer’

NORTON’S independent parliamentary candidate, Temba Mliswa, has described the upcoming by-election as a political game changer that would send a clear message to President Robert Mugabe that his time was up and Zimbabweans across the political divide no longer trusted the Zanu PF leadership.

Source: ‘Upcoming by-election a political game changer’ – NewsDay Zimbabwe September 12, 2016


Addressing a campaign rally in Norton at the weekend, Mliswa bragged that, with war veterans rallying behind him, nothing could stop him from snatching victory. The seat fell vacant following the expulsion of war veterans leader, Christopher Mutsvangwa from Zanu PF and Parliament.

“This is a by-election to say to Mugabe enough is enough, step down. Norton is going to be the first to send him that message,” he said.

“Turn all your frustrations and anger into protest votes against Zanu PF come 2018.”

Mliswa also accused Mugabe of speaking with a forked tongue, by condemning public corruption during the day and condoning it at night.

“If you vote for me, I will ask the President how many jobs he has created out of the 2,2 million he promised.”

Mliswa is among three candidates who successfully registered to contest the Norton by-election scheduled for October 22.

His rivals are Zanu PF’s Tinashe Chindeza and David Choga from the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA).

Speaking at the same rally, a war veterans’ representative, Harry Macherure said liberation war fighters were not rebels, but only wanted to rectify the mistake they had made after Zimbabwe’s independence.

“While we love Zanu PF and Mugabe, we did not free one family, we did not fight for one person, we fought for everyone and we want to correct that mistake.

Macherure said the G40 faction leaders in Zanu PF had hijacked the ruling party for personal gain and that should be stopped.