UPDATED: 12 die in accident

UPDATED: 12 die in accident | The Herald April 15, 2016

Thupeyo Muleya Beitbridge Bureau

TWELVE people died and 45 were injured when an MB Transport bus they were travelling in collided head on with a haulage truck this morning 45 km outside Beitbride town.

The bus was coming from Harare on its way to the border town. Of the 45 injured seven are in critical condition at Beibridge Hospital.

The bus hit a donkey and swerved into the lane of the oncoming truck killing 10 passengers on spot. Two more people died on admission at Beitbridge Hospital.

Beitbridge Civil Protection Unit chairperson, Simon Muleya, said he was working with all stakeholders in Beitbridge to see how best they can help the victims.

More details to follow….