UPDATED: Drama at Kasukuwere probe

Source: UPDATED: Drama at Kasukuwere probe | The Herald April 27, 2017

Tendai Mugabe and Kuda Bwititi in Mash Central—
A high-level team sent by President Mugabe to investigate allegations against Zanu-PF national Political Commissar Cde Saviour Kasukuwere and his brother Mashonaland Central provincial chairperson Cde Dickson Mafios yesterday presided over a highly charged meeting that saw some provincial members walking out accusing the chair, Advocate Jacob Mudenda of bias.

Adv Mudenda led the team comprising of Politburo members Cdes Simon Khaya Moyo and Tsitsi Muzenda, officials Cde Dickson Dzora and Kazizi.

Police had to fire teargas to disperse a handful of youths who tried to disrupt the meeting, as they waved placards supporting Cde Kasukuwere outside the venue.

Delegates accused Adv Mudenda of giving free rein to those supporting Cdes Kasukuwere and Mafios while shutting out those against them.

In his opening remarks, Adv Mudenda questioned the composition of the Provincial Executive Committee that suspended Cde Mafios and provincial secretary for administration Cde Wonder Mashange.

Speaking to journalists after the meeting, Adv Mudenda said: “The issues we dealt with were guided by the petition document that we were given by the party’s HQ.

“In that petition, there were 11 issues that we dealt with and we followed the issues item by item asking the audience to respond accordingly. After that we asked the accused to respond.

“The tenure of the interface was frank. We asked all those who wanted to make contributions to do so without fear or favour. We indicated to the audience that we will look at their petition and all the documents that came our way and make a detailed report with recommendations.”

Asked on members who left before the meeting ended Adv Mudenda said: “I was very strict that those who should attend the meeting were bona fide members as prescribed by Article 12 /87 of the constitution which stipulates who should be in the PCC. I could not allow members out of the PCC.”

Adv Mudenda said he was not aware of the alleged intimidation and fear campaign that was launched by Cdes Kasukuwere and Mafios prior to the meeting even though Cde Nhaka made the allegation during the meeting.

He said his team would produce a draft report next week that would be shared with the relevant people, including President Mugabe.

After the meeting ended, supporters of Cdes Kasukuwere and Mafios erupted in celebration and chanted songs such as “Ndiwe wega wakatanga hondo”, in what appeared to be threats against those who opposed the pair.

Commenting on the meeting, Adv Dinha confirmed the gathering was tension-filled, while revealing he had a direct showdown with Cde Kasukuwere.

“Kasukuwere was being personal and I challenged him for a physical duel,” he said.

“I told him that having a big body does not translate to being a good boxer.

“The entire meeting ended up being a showdown between him and me. I pointed out that G40 exists and Cde Kasukuwere was its mafia boss. I also submitted that he was gearing for presidency by co-opting people amenable to him in preparation for a possible congress.

“I highlighted to the chairman that I thank the President for allowing this due process to take place, but Cde Kasukuwere never used the constitution to fire people from the party.”

Cde Kasukuwere refused to comment on the reported altercation with Adv Dinha, referring all questions to Adv Mudenda.