Updates: MDC-T demonstrates in Harare

via Updates: MDC-T demonstrates in Harare – NewsDay Zimbabwe April 14, 2016

The Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T is today holding a demonstration in Harare city centre and NewsDay’s Xolisani Ncunbe and Shepherd Tozvireva are in the streets, providing updates of the event as it unfolds.

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10:00 am

Police have deployed water canons at Harare Magistrates court where thousands of MDC supporters are converged for the demo.

Some of the T-shirts here are inscribed “Where is my $15 billion?” -in reference to the money President Robert Mugabe said is missing from diamonds proceeds

Despite earlie claims by police that there was not enough manpower, the uniformed forces – armed to the teeth, are littered all over the streets of Harare city centre.

MEanwhile, the crowds are slowly swelling at the assembly point, most of them dressed in the MDC-T trademark red regalia.


  • comment-avatar
    Zvakwana 6 years ago

    This might just spark mass demonstrations?The final nail in the coffin?

  • comment-avatar
    iwezimb 6 years ago

    Zvakwana, sadly Zimbabweans are to scared to do mass demonstrations.

  • comment-avatar
    Sbuda 6 years ago

    People die of hunger and he does nothing.He even spend millions of dollars for his birthday while the country need those millions to develop.Factories closes and drops employees everyday but he keeps promising us employment.He is really destroying our future.Jails are like hell..Hospitals are like jails and still he is power hungry..Youths must stop voting for this old man and open a new page..I mean look for a born free to lead this country..Mugabe must be reminded that he is not a King but just a president who was elected by people. And his death must not determine a successor..He must step down and do an honourable thing..Mr president you are old enough to be an ancestor.. Pliz step down and let us continue with this country that you have already messed up..

  • comment-avatar
    reader 6 years ago

    Well done those that could attend, don’t let it end there, keep it peaceful and well documented so that the world can see we are not looking for violence just peaceful demo.

  • comment-avatar
    amina 6 years ago

    When police attend a demonstration armed to the teeth thus not facilitating the demo but disrupting it thus contrary to the High Court Order that police were not even needed but if so should facilitate the peaceful demonstration. However old Mugabe does not obey any law or neither fear anyone even God, for if he respected man or God with the cry and prayers made to end his dictatorship rule, ears and heart would have heard. However one thing is certain about Mugabe, like Nebucchadenezar in the bible so will his end, driven away from mankind, live with animals till such a time that he realise that man were created in the image of God and so must they be respected. To MDC, and other opposition I salute you for braving this tyrant.