Video: Lumumba dares Mugabe on election promises

Source: Video: Lumumba dares Mugabe on election promises – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 3, 2016

ZANU PF activist Acie Lumumba has recorded yet another hard-hitting video where he openly dares President Robert Mugabe to take stock of his 2013 election promises to check if any of them have been achieved.


In the video, which has gone viral on social media platforms, Lumumba said it was improper for Zanu PF to continue hiding behind the sanctions mantra.

He claimed the governing party and government had failed to fulfil its election promises because most of its officials were corrupt.
Two weeks ago, Lumumba released another recording where he blasted Youth Development, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment minister Patrick Zhuwao, describing him as a corrupt and extortionist public figure who abused his government position “to line his pockets”.

“The last couple of days have taught me that we do not have to dig deeper into the issues I raised, but we have to ask the President to dig deeper into the promises he made to this country,” Lumumba said.

“In 2013, I campaigned for President Robert Mugabe and I hope he gets to see this. I didn’t just campaign for the President, but I got everybody, my friends and family, to vote for the promise that you made and the promise was you were going to make the lives of people in this country better. Since 2013, I have asked myself if we made the lives of people in this country better.”

He said even though the Zanu PF leadership was under United States sanctions, Mugabe must investigate his inner circle and top government officials on their sources of wealth.
Lumumba said it was ironic that underpaid civil servants were driving latest and very expensive personal cars, which even players in the private sector could not afford.

“It is corruption which is becoming like cocaine that once you consume it, you will not even know when it has taken over you. I know it because I have experienced it,” he said.

“I have been consumed by it myself. You take coke (another term for cocaine) today, tomorrow you must take more and before you know it, you take the whole jar and if we are not careful, we will get to a point where we lose all human compassion. We have to dig deeper if this is what we promised the country when we went into elections, Mr President.”
Lumumba challenged Mugabe to turn political independence into economic emancipation.


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